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Light up Hoi An to welcome the New Year

Date Submitted: 27/12/2021 - 64,523 - View

Hoi An Lantern Festival is one of the unique cultural and tourism activities, opening the chain of events in the program "Hoi An welcomes the new year 2022".

On the evening of December 24, TP. Hoi An, Quang Nam province held a Lantern Festival with the theme "Together to light up Hoi An". This is the opening event to celebrate the approaching New Year, creating a new atmosphere for the City and welcoming visitors.

The night opened with a folk art program "Hoai Giang night" and the stage was decorated with lanterns bearing the characteristics of Hoi An culture. This is a new product, first introduced to the public in this special time.

Hoi An welcomes the new year 2022".

Speaking at the night, Mr. Nguyen Van Lanh, Vice Chairman of the City People's Committee. Hoi An said, with the spirit and determination to adapt safely, flexibly and effectively control the COVID-19 pandemic, the city government, people and business community. Hoi An has stood shoulder to shoulder, making efforts to maintain and stabilize social life, gradually restore the economy, reorganize activities and events to stimulate tourism, attract tourists to Hoi An.

Hoi An Lantern Festival is an event to honor the traditional crafts that make up Hoi An's famous lantern products, contributing to promoting the image and developing the city's tourism brand.

Light up Hoi An to welcome the New Year

This year's Lantern Festival is held from Christmas and lasts until the full moon of January with the theme "Joining hands to light up Hoi An" with the desire for artistic lantern works, with the enthusiasm and talents of the local artists. artisans, will contribute to beautify Hoi An World Cultural Heritage; bring people and visitors a warm feeling, have more loyal love, sympathy and sharing with the land and Pho Hoi people, pray for peace and happiness to welcome the new year.

Within the framework of the event, from December 24 to January 2, 2022, a "fair market" with handicrafts, OCOP products, recycled products, and unique handmade items will be held at the hub. Nguyen Phuc Chu street and many special activities were held such as: "Light up Hoi An memories" program, "Christmas and New Year festival 2022" at Tan Thanh fishing village; Wishing lantern tree, lantern making instructions, calligraphy, photo exhibition “about the heritage region”…


On the night of December 31, the "Hoi An - Happy New Year 2022" gala program will be held to connect people and visitors, enjoy exciting art performances together, and send words to each other. Best wishes for a prosperous new year and countdown to the arrival of the new year.

City. Hoi An said that the activities in the series of events were prepared carefully and safely by the City, ensuring the prevention of COVID-19 epidemic; With the enthusiastic response of the local people, Hoi An will come back strongly with new colors, bringing new experiences, attractive programs, events, and festivals marking the turning point of Vietnam. Hoi An tourism in the new era.

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