Customer Information Security

Inbound Vietnam International Travel Company Limited, was established under the business license with business code 0108967667, issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi City on October 31, 2019 (referred to as “ Inbound Vietnam”).

1. Inbound Vietnam's commitment to protecting personal information:
Understanding the importance of protecting personal information, Inbound Vietnam is committed to complying with security regulations prescribed by Vietnamese law and the laws of relevant countries, and implementing the following regulations: Appropriate measures to ensure the data you provide is kept confidential and protected.
The Information Privacy Policy published on this website explains why and how Inbound Vietnam collects, records, establishes, structures, stores, adjusts or modifies, restores, searches, uses, saves, disclose, align or combine, limit, delete or destroy personal information you provide during the journey, purchase, use of services, website access, and use of the Inbound Vietnam application on the phone. or interact with Inbound Vietnam. This Privacy Policy also instructs you on how to exercise your rights in relation to your personal data.
In some cases, Inbound Vietnam acts as a joint controller of personal data with other companies such as the case when Inbound Vietnam provides airline services in cooperation with other airlines (through code sharing agreements or interline agreements) or when providing travel services in cooperation with hotels, banks, travel insurance companies, etc.
For these activities, Inbound Vietnam and its partners are jointly responsible for the processing of your personal data. Inbound Vietnam and its partners have determined the responsibilities of each party in complying with information security obligations when processing personal data related to these activities.
Accordingly, whenever you wish to exercise your rights regarding your personal data such as the right to access, rectify, erase, restrict, object, data portability or withdraw consent, or When you have any questions or complaints about the processing of your personal data, you can contact Inbound Vietnam or Inbound Vietnam's partners. Inbound Vietnam and our partners will support each other to ensure you can exercise your rights, answer your questions and resolve your complaints.
Specifically, Inbound Vietnam adheres to the following principles:
Your personal data is processed legally, fairly and transparently.
Your personal data is collected for a specific, clear, lawful purpose and will not be processed beyond the stated purposes.
Your personal data is stored in a reasonable, appropriate and to the extent necessary for the purposes of processing.
Your personal data is accurate, up to date, and inaccurate data relevant to the processing purposes will be promptly deleted or corrected.
Inbound Vietnam applies appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of personal data to an appropriate extent, including measures to protect against unauthorized or illegal access to personal data. cause and unintended destruction, loss, or damage.
In addition, Inbound Vietnam ensures that subcontractors (service providers, other suppliers, etc.) comply with the same level of personal data protection in contracts signed with Inbound Vietnam.
2. Purpose of collecting personal data:
The personal data you provide is used to serve your interests when traveling with Inbound Vietnam or using Inbound Vietnam's services including promotions, website access, and mobile applications. Call or exchange with Inbound Vietnam. Therefore, Inbound Vietnam collects and processes your personal data for the following main purposes:
- Execute contracts to provide appropriate services to customers
To manage and implement service contracts Inbound Vietnam processes information including full name, passport number and other information to provide related services.
Inbound Vietnam only collects and processes this information after receiving your consent and only uses it for the purpose of providing appropriate service and customer care according to the contract.
- Fulfill accounting and financial obligations
Inbound Vietnam collects, stores and uses your data for internal business purposes such as record keeping and compliance with legal and tax obligations. Inbound Vietnam stores this data for a period of 10 years as prescribed by law.
- Customer care
Inbound Vietnam uses your personal data for the following purposes:
Receive contributions, suggestions and complaints from customers.
Contact to resolve requests from customers.
Carry out evaluation, analysis, development, and improvement of services in accordance with customer preferences.
Provide interfaces, content, website design, and Mobile applications of Inbound Vietnam that are suitable for customer behavior.
Conduct customer satisfaction surveys to better understand customer needs.
Resolve customer complaints.
- Direct marketing
Inbound Vietnam only sends the above direct marketing communications with your prior consent (opt-in). You can opt out of the use of your personal data for the above direct marketing purposes by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the email or contacting Inbound Vietnam directly.
3. Scope of use of personal information:
When you use services accessible on the website or mobile application, Inbound Vietnam may collect and process the following types of personal information:
- Basic data
Name, passport number and other information: Name, gender, date of birth, passport number or other information such as date of issue and place of issuance of passport, nationality, language;
Contact information and personal account or registration information: Contact information such as phone number, mailing address, email address, mobile phone number, personal email address.
Payment information: Credit or debit card information such as cardholder name, card number, expiration date, authentication code;
Information about reservations, ticket reservations and ticket purchases: Information related to reservations and ticket purchases such as flights, ticket prices, dates of reservations or ticket purchases;
Information collected when you use Inbound Vietnam's website, phone applications and other media: Personal information is automatically collected when you use Inbound Vietnam's website as information. IP address, cookies, login code;
Exchange between Inbound Vietnam and you: Exchange, communication options (unsubscribe from newsletter, select information related to booking), register to ask questions, participate in surveys, research, make a complaint or exchange over the phone;
Information related to social networks: Depending on the settings of the social networks you use, Inbound Vietnam may receive information from your social network providers. For example, when you register for Inbound Vietnam's services using your social network account, Inbound Vietnam may receive your background information on social networks including contact information, interests and lists. your friends.
- Personal information of children
Inbound Vietnam collects personal information from children after receiving consent or permission from parents or guardians in accordance with current laws on personal data protection.
Parents, legal representatives and/or guardians of the child can request to see, edit the child's personal information or amend or withdraw consent at box office agents or on the child's website. Inbound Vietnam.

4. Personal data storage period:
Inbound Vietnam will store personal data provided by you on Inbound Vietnam's internal system during the provision of services or until the purpose of collection is fulfilled or until compliance with the obligations under allowed by law and disputes are resolved or until you request to cancel the information provided.
5. Methods of collecting personal data:
Inbound Vietnam collects personal information according to the Information Privacy Policy through the website, using one or more Inbound Vietnam applications on the phone, interacting with Inbound Vietnam via social networks, when you register to receive electronic newsletter, register to attend events and contests with prizes. In addition, Inbound Vietnam may receive your personal data from Inbound Vietnam's other partners and service providers (travel agents, service providers, hotels, car rental companies, etc.)
6. Technical measures to protect personal data:
To ensure the safety of personal information from the risks of loss, theft, leakage, counterfeiting or any other damage, Inbound Vietnam employees use technical, management and equipment measures. Physics is as follows:
6.1. Important personal information is stored and managed under password protection within limited access.
6.2. Understanding the risks of cyber attacks, the possibility and severity of the damage they can cause to personal rights and freedoms, Inbound Vietnam commits to:
Protect customer personal information from leakage or damage caused by cyber attacks or computer viruses;
Control suspended access systems and unauthorized access from outside;
Implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk including pseudonymization and encryption of personal data;
Ensure current security, integrity, availability and recovery of information processing systems and services;
Restore availability and access to personal data in a timely manner in the event of a physical or technical incident;
Ensure a process of regularly checking and evaluating the effectiveness of technical and organizational measures to ensure security for information processing;
Build a specialized department dedicated to protecting personal information.
7. Communicate with customers and notify local authorities when personal data is breached:
As soon as your personal data is discovered to be violated, Inbound Vietnam will notify you and the competent authority, describing the nature of the data breach including the following information:
The name and contact details of the data protection officer or of any contact point where you may request further information;
Describe possible consequences from the violation;
A description of the measures the data controller has implemented or proposes to implement to address the breach including measures to mitigate possible adverse effects to the extent necessary.
Inbound Vietnam may be exempted from the responsibility to notify you as prescribed above when one of the following conditions is met:
Inbound Vietnam has applied appropriate technical and organizational measures in response to data breaches, especially breaches that make personal data inaccessible, e.g. encode.
Notification requires disproportionate technical effort. In this case, Inbound Vietnam will make announcements in the media or use similar measures so that you are still effectively informed.