Ca Mau

Ca Mau is known as the southernmost region of the country and is always a must-visit destination for all Vietnamese people at least once in their lives. As the final province of Vietnam with three sides predominantly bordered by the sea, visitors here will have the chance to visit the national coordinate milestone, admire the forests, seas, and witness the vast expanse of the coastal sky. Ca Mau exudes a poetic and romantic beauty, tranquil and rustic, captivating the hearts of visitors. When you come here, you will encounter familiar images of people on three-leaf boats and sampans swaying on the water channels during the flooding season. The characteristic riverine culture in Ca Mau is reflected through traditional craft villages such as fishing, netting, boat building, roofing, boat rowing, mooring, and building docks. Ca Mau is also famous for its vast expanses of lush green rice fields. Exploring these fields, visitors will encounter scenes of people fishing or boats swaying on the Ganh Hao River. It all resembles a watercolor painting with scenes of everyday life serene and tranquil.

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