Bac Lieu

If you have the opportunity to visit the southwestern region of Vietnam, don't miss out on Bac Lieu province. This land has long been renowned for its wealth and abundance. It is also a cultural convergence point of three ethnic groups: Kinh, Hoa, and Khmer, reflected through unique cultural works, creating its own beauty. When visiting Bac Lieu, tourists will immerse themselves in the pristine space of natural bird gardens, ancient longan orchards, and mangrove forests stretching alongside the young city; listen to fascinating legends about the life of Bac Lieu's Young Master, and visit the wind turbine field... Tourists can visit Bac Lieu all year round. If you want to learn about the local customs and beliefs, you should visit during festivals, around February to April in the lunar calendar. The most interesting time is on the 10th lunar month - the day of the Ok Om Bok festival, one of the three largest festivals of the Khmer people. Exploring Bac Lieu can typically be done in a day. If you have more time and want to visit more places, tourists can extend their trip to two days and one night.

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