Binh Duong

The natural advantages, coupled with the human touch in building, have created numerous historical relics, famous landmarks, and beautiful landscapes in Binh Duong. These are favorable factors for the development of the tourism industry. Visitors to Binh Duong can explore famous historical, cultural, and architectural sites such as Phu Loi Prison, Tay Nam Ben Cat Tunnels, Thuan An Hoa Battle Zone, ancient houses like Tran Cong Vang, Tran Van Ho, Nguyen Tri Quan, Phu Long Temple, Tan An Temple, Ba Lua Temple... or visit ancient pagodas to find tranquility and blessings like Hoi Khanh Pagoda, Chau Thoi Pagoda. These pagodas are renowned architectural landmarks, preserving many ancient artifacts. Additionally, Binh Duong is also known for traditional crafts such as pottery, lacquerware, sculpture, and bamboo and palm leaf crafts. With renowned brands like Minh Long pottery, Cuong Phat, Nam Viet, Dai Hung brick kiln, Tương Bình Hiệp lacquer village, each product crafted by artisans is a unique work of art that will surely satisfy tourists.


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