Long An

 Long An province situated in the Mekong Delta and in the main areas of the Southest economic development. Long An has many special festivals such as the Ky Yen Festival, rainmaking ceremony, Tong Phong festival with traditional games like racing boats, tug of war, wrestling. All of them probably attract more tourists. The traditional handicraft villages such as wood carving (Can Duoc, Ben Luc), jewelery making (Phuoc Van), ship building (Can Duoc)...are also main sources for tourism. These important tourism sources are of great significance to the exploring and planning process to develop the tourism of the province.

Long An has rich potential for diverse tourism development. In addition to Dong Thap Muoi ecotourism site, it also owns Noi Pagoda (Vinh Hung district), Ton Thanh Pagoda, hundred column house, Rach Cat Military Post (Can Duoc District), Vam Nhut Tao historic relic (Tan Tru district), tomb of Nguyen Huynh Duc (Tan An city).
In Long An, there are special dishes such as sour fish soup, grilled snakehead, fish sauce hot pot, Nang Thom rice in Dao market, Go Den wine, Long Tri watermelon, Duc Hoa peanuts, Thu Thua sugarcane, Chau Thanh blue dragon...ect. Each specialty characteristic of the land and local people is also a major factor to attract all tourists.

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