An Giang

An Giang leaves a strong impression on tourists with its simple beauty of the Mekong Delta, where there is a mixture and convergence of many distinctive cultures of the Kinh, Khmer, Cham, and Chinese communities. In addition, An Giang also captivates many tourists with its picturesque and poetic natural scenery, characterized by lush green rice fields and towering palm trees reaching into the sky. With a terrain that includes both plains and hills, mysterious Thất Sơn mountain range, numerous historical and cultural relics, and many impressive check-in points, An Giang is becoming a focal point attracting a large number of tourists.

Truly, An Giang is beautiful in every season and worth experiencing. If tourists want to visit during the flood season to admire the floating water hyacinths or the lush Tra Su cajuput forest, they can visit around October to November. Alternatively, if they prefer to visit during the dry and cool season, they can go between March and May. Or if they want to experience the grand festival of the Mountain Lady Xứ in Sam Mountain, they can try visiting in April (23rd-24th of July in the lunar calendar). During this time, there will be many fun activities and shopping opportunities for tourists visiting this "Land of Seven Mountains."

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