Tay Ninh

Located at the junction between the South Central Highlands and the Mekong Delta, Tay Ninh boasts a harmonious combination of two landscapes: it carries the rugged features of a plateau while also displaying characteristics of a delta region. Tay Ninh has become a hot keyword for travel enthusiasts and young people alike. Partly due to the transformation of Black Lady Mountain - a landmark inseparable from Tay Ninh, and partly due to the emergence of new check-in spots that are worth experiencing. This is a land without blue seas, only filled with sun, wind, and sand, yet it possesses countless interesting things waiting for people to come and explore. If you are living or working in Ho Chi Minh City or the southeastern provinces and are looking for a weekend getaway destination for relaxation and fun, then Tây Ninh is definitely an unmissable destination.

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Steep slope on the way to Ba Den mountain

Famous for the tallest bronze Buddha in Asia, Ba Den Mountain - Tay Ninh is a destination that attracts many tourists.


Top 3 spiritual tourist destinations in Tay Ninh must definitely go to

Spiritual tourism is one of the popular types in Vietnam and in the world. If you have a trip in this form, please count visiting Tay Ninh!

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