Cao Bang

Cao Bang is a mountainous border province, located in the Northeast of our country, bordering the Zhuang Autonomous Region of Guangxi Province (China) with a border line of over 333km long. Cao Bang has many famous landscapes, historical and cultural relics such as: Phia Oac eco-tourism area, Phia Den, Thang Hen lake, Mat Than mountain, Nguom Ngao cave, Nguom Puc cave... In particular, Ban Gioc waterfall is considered the largest natural waterfall in Southeast Asia and is in the top 10 most magnificent waterfalls in the world.
Cao Bang has more than 200 relics, of which 98 have been ranked, 3 special national relics (Pac Bo, Tran Hung Dao forest, 1950 Border Victory site), 2 national treasures, 70 provincial-level relics, more than 2,000 unique tangible and intangible cultural heritages. Cao Bang also has Then Tay and Nung rituals, which are registered on the list of representative intangible cultural heritage of humanity. In 2018, Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark was recognized by UNESCO as a Global Geopark. Nearly 300 km from Hanoi Noi Bai International Airport and about 6 hours by car, Cao Bang is considered an ideal destination for tourists. Leaving the noisy, stuffy big city, travelers seek to enjoy the peaceful, fresh atmosphere, explore the local culture and immerse themselves in the green of mountains, rivers and trees. Enjoy unique ethnic cuisine and products

What's good to eat?


Cao Bang steamed rice rolls: Once you try it, you'll remember forever

Cao Bang steamed rice rolls feature soft rice paper, flavorful minced meat filling, and a rich dipping sauce, all imbued with the essence of the mountainous region


Cao Bang sausages - The taste of the Northwest forest

Cao Bang sausages - a long-standing traditional dish infused with the scent of mountain sun and the aroma of rich spices, definitely not to be missed.


Tram Sticky Rice - a popular traditional dish in Cao Bang

Tram sticky rice has a beautiful pink-purple color, with the aroma of glutinous rice blending harmoniously with the rich, creamy taste of black sesame seeds, creating an enticing dish.

Where to go?


Pac Bo Historical Site - A journey to find the roots.

The Pac Bo Historical Site is a particularly significant national revolutionary historical relic of Vietnam, truly worth visiting and exploring at least once in a lifetime.The Pac Bo Historical Site is a particularly significant national revolutionary historical relic of Vietnam, truly worth visiting and exploring at least once in a lifetime.


Exploring the mystical Nguom Ngao Cave

Let's explore the rare mystical beauty of Nguom Ngao Cave in Cao Bang with TimTour in the article below


Touring Ban Gioc Waterfall - a masterpiece of nature in Cao Bang.

Touring Ban Gioc Waterfall is an incredibly enticing experience, offering visitors a wonderful journey back to nature.

Special location


Cao Bang arrowroot vermicelli - An ideal specialty for gifts.

Cao Bang arrowroot vermicelli - a famous specialty known for its delicious aroma and unique chewy texture, perfect for gifts after a trip.


Cao Bang sausages - A Delicious Dish That Captivates Travelers

Cao Bang sausages is a renowned specialty dish known for its unique and delicious flavor. Explore the top 5 places to buy the best sausages in Cao Bang


Chestnuts from Trung Khanh - A precious gift from Cao Bang.

Trung Khanh chestnuts are a specialty of Cao Bang province, known for their rich, delicious flavor and abundant nutrients, making them a perfect gift choice.

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