Yen Tu

Yen Tu is a mountain range spanning across three provinces: Quang Ninh, Bac Giang, and Hai Duong, and it is also the name of the highest peak in this range. Yen Tu mostly lies within Phuong Dong Ward and Thượng Yên Cong Commune (Uong Bi City), with a portion extending into Hong Thai Dong Commune (Dong Trieu District). This mountain range is closely associated with the Tran Dynasty in Vietnamese history as well as with the Truc Lam Zen Buddhism.

This area harmoniously combines natural landscapes with valuable national architectural and artistic works, including: Bi Thuong Pagoda, Suoi Tam Pagoda, Cam Thuc Pagoda (known in Chinese characters as Linh Nham Tu), Lan Pagoda (known as Long Dong Tu), Giai Oan Pagoda, Hon Ngoc Tower Garden (comprising 9 stone and brick towers of varying sizes), To Tower Cluster (also known as Hue Quang Tower Garden), Hoa Yen Pagoda (known as Hoa Yen Tu), Mot Mai Pagoda (known as Ban Thien Tu), Bao Sai Pagoda, Van Tieu Pagoda, and Dong Pagoda (known as Thien Truc Tu). Additionally, there are several hermitages such as Duoc Hermitage, Thung Hermitage, Thien Dinh Hermitage, Lo Ren Hermitage, and Diem Hermitage.

Yen Tu, one of the sacred mountains of the country, not only boasts majestic natural scenery but also serves as a conservation area for numerous rare and precious flora and fauna species not found in other mountainous regions, particularly valuable medicinal plants such as pine, bamboo, apricot, and rare herbal plants.

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