Yen Bai

Yen Bai, at the gateway to the Northwest, is the birthplace of the ancient Vietnamese people with over 30 ethnic groups living together, this place has the Red River and Chay River civilizations, and is the center of exchange between the Northeast region and Northwest of Vietnam. Here, there is attractive tourism potential with revolutionary historical relics, scenic spots, and a system of communal houses, temples and pagodas associated with the nation's history of building and defending the country. Nature bestows Yen Bai with a charming landscape with many beautiful landscapes such as Mu Cang Chai terraced fields, Suoi Giang tea, or Thac Ba Lake tourist area,... Those who have ever set foot in Yen Bai land Everyone feels attracted through impressive experiences in this culturally diverse land. Not only does it have beautiful landscapes of mountains and water, Thac Ba Lake is also home to 12 ethnic groups with diverse cultural colors and unique traditional festivals held on the first days of the new year such as the festival. Long Tong of the Tay people, Season Worshiping Festival of the Dao people... Coming here, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a feast of guests from all ethnic groups with the delicious, attractive flavors of bamboo-tube rice and flower salad. wild bananas, hill chicken cooked with lemon leaves, roasted pork or fish and shrimp salad,... Tourists can come to Yen Bai by train, by road along the Noi Bai - Lao Cai highway or National Highway 2 and the National Highway. Route 70.

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Bưởi xã Đại Minh một đặc sản không thể quên khi đu du lịch Thác Bà


Đặc sản cá sấy hồ Thác Bà của HTX Hiền Vinh

Hợp tác xã sản xuất chế biến nông sản Tây Bắc Hiền Vinh (HTX Hiền Vinh) được thành lập tháng 9/2020, tại huyện Yên Bình – nơi có Hồ Thác Bà, là hồ nước ngọt lớn nhất miền Bắc và được ví như “Hạ Long trên núi”. Ngoài tiềm năng du lịch, hồ Thác Bà còn có chất lượng nước tốt, trong xanh bốn mùa nên thuận lợi cho việc nuôi trồng thủy sản, đặc biệt là các loại cá.

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