Lang Son

Lang Son is a mountainous border province with a 253 km border with Guangxi - China, with 02 international border gates: Huu Nghi border gate for roads, Dong Dang border gate for railways and 02 national border gates. Chi Ma, Binh Nghi and border markets. Lang Son is blessed by nature with many beautiful landscapes, interesting caves and many historical and cultural relics, including scenic relics that have entered poetry and people's hearts such as Tam Thanh and Nhi Thanh Caves. , To Thi, Mau Son mountain. Besides, during the process of building and defending the country of his father, Mr. Lang Son also had many historical relics and revolutionary relics such as: Chi Lang Pass, Mac Dynasty Citadel... In addition, this is also a beautiful countryside, with the blue water of the romantic Ky Cung river. Lang Son has 7 main ethnic groups, of which the Nung ethnic group accounts for 43%, the Tay ethnic group 36%, the Kinh ethnic group 16%, the remaining ethnic groups are Dao, Hoa, Mong, San Chay living together, with different customs. customs, traditions, festivals, folk songs, then singing, sli singing, luon singing... that captivate people's hearts, highland markets, the colors of traditional costumes, and bold local cuisine. ethnic identity,... You can come to Lang Son by railway and road connecting Lang Son with other provinces in the country, with important traffic routes such as National Highway 1A connecting Lang Son - Hanoi, Highway 1B Lang Son - Thai Nguyen, Highway 4A Lang Son - Cao Bang, Highway 4B Lang Son - Quang Ninh, Highway 31 Lang Son - Bac Giang, Highway 279 Lang Son - Bac Kan and the National Intermodal Railway Vietnamese - Chinese international.

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