Hai Phong city

Hai Phong is a city with the familiar name of the City of "Thành phố hoa phượng đỏ". Hai Phong is one of the largest tourist centers in the country with historical relics, scenic spots, major festivals and famous resorts and entertainment areas that meet international standards. Every year, Hai Phong is one of the places that attracts thousands of tourists to visit and relax in famous tourist areas such as Cat Ba, Do Son, Bai Tu Long Bay,... This is the land of imprinted against foreign invaders throughout the 4,000-year history of the Vietnamese people, with the victories on the Bach Dang River by Ngo Quyen in 938, by Le Hoan in 981, by Tran Hung Dao in 1288... To Nowadays, many historical relics still exist, many folk legends have been passed down, and many valuable cultural and artistic works have been left behind for posterity. Hai Phong has an extremely rich and diverse cuisine so visitors can choose to suit their taste: Cay bread (Hai Phong bread), snails, seafood dishes, crab cakes, crab spring rolls, sui din, seafood scorched rice, crab hotpot, mixed vermicelli,... Tourists can come to Hai Phong by seaport, modern road from Quang Ninh, Ha highway Noi - Hai Phong, Cat Bi International Airport right in the city center.

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