Son La

Son La is a high mountainous province, located in the northwest of our country, established in 1904, separated from the central Van Bu Nghia Lo region, including 6 continents: Muong Muoi (Thuan Chau), Muong La, Muong Mua (Mai Son), Muong Vat (Yen Chau), Muong Sang (Moc Chau), Muong Tac (Phu Yen, Bac Yen). The provincial capital is located on Khau Ca hill in Muong La district (present-day Son La City). During the Hung King's reign, Son La belonged to the Tan Hung department, during the Ly dynasty it belonged to Lam Tay district, during the Tran dynasty it belonged to Da Giang and Qui Hoa, then Thien Hung town, during the Le dynasty it belonged to 16 Thai continents, and under the Nguyen dynasty it was called the region Thap Chau belongs to Hung Hoa district. Son La has many ethnic festivals, each with its own unique characteristics such as the New Rice Festival of the Kho Mu people, Hoa Ban Festival, Pang Cau No Festival of the Kho Mu and Xinh Mun ethnic groups; Bamboo shoot offering festival of La Ha people; Muong people's blessing ceremony; Ban festival, praying for rain of Thai people, Bamboo shoot celebration of many ethnic groups in the Northwest... Son La also has relics such as Son La Prison, Son La museum in Son La city, Chien Vien pagoda Institute in Moc Chau... Besides, nature also created many tourist areas and beautiful scenic areas in Son La that are very suitable for resort, picnic and discovery tourism such as: Ban Mong Hot Springs (Hua La), Yen Chau scenic spot, Tham Tat, Tham Ke caves... in Chieng An, Ban Hin; Moc Chau plateau has Plum Garden, tea exchange, dairy farm and scenic spots such as Dai Yem Waterfall, Bach Long Glass Bridge,... Local specialties and cuisine in the province: Bac Yen cat apple, Mong rice cake, Yen Chau banana wine, buffalo skin salad, pa tỉnh tộp, Bamboo bamboo shoots salted with Hang Dong chili, green bamboo shoots, Phieng Khoai plum, mo soup, rice wine fermented with Hang Chu leaves, Bac Yen cardamom, fish maw , Chieng Khoong longan, wild eggplant, Da River whitefish, Phu Yen orange, ginger flower, Moc Chau deer wine, Chieng Dong garlic, rotten meat, canarium, pa giang, Cu Cang taro, roasted stink bug, Moc Chau tea ,... From Hanoi, visitors can go to Son La along Highway 6 to experience mountain passes with majestic natural landscapes throughout the journey.

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