Quang Ninh

Quang Ninh has national borders and waters bordering the People's Republic of China. On the mainland, the north of the province (with Binh Lieu, Hai Ha districts and Mong Cai city) borders Phong Thanh district and Dong Hung town, Guangxi province with 118,825 km of border; To the east is the Gulf of Tonkin; the west borders the provinces of Lang Son, Bac Giang, Hai Duong; The south borders Hai Phong. The coastline is 250km long. Quang Ninh is a place rich in tourism potential, with hundreds of relics and craft villages associated with many long-standing festivals, famous attractions, and especially Quang Ninh has a famous landscape, Ha Long Bay. recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage and world heritage site includes the waters of Ha Long, Cam Pha and part of Van Don district.
Quang Ninh is also famous for hundreds of types of seafood processed into many dishes with different culinary styles. You can come to Quang Ninh by air through Van Don international airport, international shipping port, highway from Hanoi to Ha Long and from Mong Cai to Ha Long in just a few hours' drive.

What's good to eat?


Tien Yen steamed pork belly - a famous specialty of Quang Ninh

Tien Yen steamed pork belly - a dish that anyone who has had the opportunity to taste will surely remember forever for its rich and unforgettable flavor


Ha Long's yogurt with pearls - addictive from the first bite

Those who enjoy snacks must definitely try the famous Ha Long yogurt with pearls, a specialty of Quang Ninh province.


Quang Ninh's seafood is well-deserving of being a must-try delicacy.

Quang Ninh's seafood is incredibly diverse, offering unique preparation methods that promise to captivate all food enthusiasts.

Where to go?


Interesting experiences in Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh

Kayaking, discovering the life of fishermen or watching Ha Long Bay at night are the experiences we want to bring to you.


Explore the pristine natural beauty of Co To Island.

Co To Island is the ideal destination for summer vacations, where you can spend quality time relaxing with family or friends.


Halong Bay deserves to be the precious gem of Vietnam.

There's no need for extravagant words to describe it; everyone can appreciate the pristine and picturesque beauty of Halong Bay.


Explore the Tuan Chau tourist area in Quang Ninh province

The Tuan Chau tourist area is a must-visit destination if your family is planning to visit Ha Long this summer

Special location


Fermented pork roll - the famous specialty of Quang Ninh

Quang Yen fermented pork roll with its distinctive flavor, is a famous gift choice that is perfect for purchasing as a souvenir when traveling to this destination.


Dried squid from Quang Ninh - a special gift from the sea

If you're unsure what gift to buy, consider exploring Quang Ninh dried squid - a beloved coastal specialty that everyone adores


Ha Long squid cake is a suitable gift to buy for your loved ones.

Ha Long squid cake is a famous specialty that tourists must enjoy when visiting Quang Ninh province

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