Tuyen Quang

Tuyen Quang is a mountainous province located in the north of our country, with a long history of development associated with many different feudal eras in the history of the Vietnamese people. During the August Revolution, Tuyen Quang was honored to be the Capital of the Liberation Zone, chosen by the Party Central Committee and Uncle Ho as the center of the national revolution. In Tan Trao-Son Duong - Tuyen Quang, many historical events related to the nation's destiny took place: The Party's National Conference decided on the policy of leading the entire people in a general uprising to seize power and appointed a Committee. nationwide uprising; The National Congress met at Tan Trao communal house to establish the National Liberation Committee, the Provisional Government with Uncle Ho as Chairman.
Tuyen Quang is famous for the ancient relics of the Mac Dynasty Citadel located on the territory of group 7, Tan Quang ward, Tuyen Quang city. The citadel was built in 1592, during the Mac Dynasty and was repaired in the early Nguyen Dynasty (19th century). During the long years of resistance against the French colonialists, Tuyen Quang was the Capital of the Resistance, where people across the country "looked to Viet Bac and nurtured perseverance", including revolutionary relics such as: Lan Na Lua , Tan Trao Banyan Tree, Tan Trao Communal House, Hong Thai Communal House (Kim Chien Communal House),... associated with the history of the Vietnamese revolution. In particular, each ethnic group has a unique treasure of folk arts such as: The Tay ethnic group has Quan Lang singing (singing to bring the bride to her husband's house), Coi, Sli, Luon, Phong slu singing (singing the love response between men and women), Then singing, Put singing (religious ritual singing) and Then dances, Sinh Tien dances, Non dances, Sowing dances, Fan dances...; The Cao Lan ethnic group has Sinh Ca singing (singing the love response between men and women), Bird dances, Shrimp scoop dances, Lamp opening dances, Flag dances...; The Dao ethnic group has Pao Dung singing (reciprocating love song between men and women), harvest-praying dances, tortoise-catching dances, and Membrane dances; The San Diu ethnic group has the song Soong co (reciprocating love song between men and women); The Mong people have the Orphan song, the bride song, and the Khen dance. Each ethnic group has unique sets of musical instruments, expressing cultural identity and high musical level with the ability to inspire effectively, such as: Tinh lute, musical fruit of the Tay ethnic group; Khen, leaf trumpet, bamboo flute of the Mong people; percussion instruments of the Dao, Cao Lan,... Tourists from all over the country come to Tuyen Quang via Noi Bai international airport (Hanoi) then to Tuyen Quang via Noi Bai - Lao Cai highway (at the node intersection IC9) connecting Tuyen Quang - Phu Tho expressway only 2 hours drive, in addition you can follow national highway 2, national highway 2c, national highway 32c,... to get to Tuyen Quang.

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