Bac Ninh

Bac Ninh is the smallest province in Vietnam, situated at the northern gateway of the capital city, Hanoi, consisting of 8 administrative units, including the city of Bac Ninh, the town of Tu Son, and 6 districts. Bac Ninh boasts major transportation routes that connect it with key economic, commercial, and cultural centers of the Northern region. It is one of the cradles of Vietnamese civilization, with a history spanning thousands of years, evident in its ancient urban relics like Luy Lau Citadel and flourishing commercial activities. Visiting Bac Ninh, one is struck by its rich cultural essence, being the homeland of temples, pagodas, and shrines, vibrant legends of the Ly and Tran dynasties, and the annual Quan Ho folk festival that enlivens each spring.

Mentioning Bac Ninh inevitably brings up the Lim festival. This is not merely a festival but also a convergence of the essence of this Kinh Bac region with the melodies of Quan Ho folk songs. The Lim festival takes place from the 13th to the 15th of January. Alongside solemn rituals, the festival embodies the rich folk culture through Quan Ho singing, traditional games, and more. Apart from Lim festival, Bac Ninh is also renowned for being the homeland of numerous traditional festivals, with around 500 festivals large and small held annually.

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