Thai Binh

Thai Binh has 56km of coastline with a number of beaches that still retain their pristine beauty such as Dong Chau, Vanh Islet, Den Den and a system of rich historical and cultural relics such as Keo Pagoda, Tran Temple, Dong Bang Temple. ,... is an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Festival tourist attractions such as: Keo Pagoda, Tran Temple, Dong Bang Temple, Tien La Temple, Bach Thuan Garden Village, Minh Lang Embroidery Village, Dong Xam Silver Carving, Vanh Islet, Thu Islet, Den Den Islet. In particular, Keo Pagoda is one of the ancient pagodas in Vietnam that is preserved with almost intact architecture hundreds of years old. Con Vanh belongs to the Red River Delta biosphere reserve area (recognized by UNESCO in December 2004), located in a continuous system of coastal mangrove forests stretching from Ninh Binh - Nam Dinh - Thai Binh. - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh. This place has a quite rich mangrove ecosystem with many plant species such as tigers, parrots, cork, pine, over 200 species of valuable seafood and many rare bird species. Thai Binh is one of the tourist destinations that is not only famous for its many beautiful landscapes, famous historical relics, or sacred pagodas... but also has an extremely rich and diverse cuisine: Nguyen Village Cay Cake, Vi Thuy Spring Roll, Nem Chao Vi Thuy, Nem Salad, Bun Bung, Dai Dong Gai Cake, Thai Thuy Jellyfish Salad, Ben Hiep Pork Cake, Ca Ra River Crab Hotpot, Kien Xuong Earthworm, Vu Thu Khuc Cake,...

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