Terms Booking Online

The following terms and conditions apply to the online booking function at Inbound Vietnam's website. When using the service booking and booking function, you automatically accept and comply with the instructions, terms and conditions posted on the website.

1. Conditions for using the service booking function
The service ordering function helps look up information and complete the purchase of products and services in a valid way. However, if you abuse this function, you may be denied access and the transaction will be canceled.
The service booking feature is for personal and non-commercial use only. You are not allowed to modify, copy, duplicate, publish, license, create links, transfer or conduct unauthorized business from information, software, products or services obtained from Service booking feature.
You are solely responsible for your behavior and capacity as prescribed by law for the use of the service booking function by yourself or any individual or organization using your name and account to pay. accounting for services. You are fully responsible for payment transactions in your name or the account registered by you. You must ensure that all information provided by you when using this feature is true and accurate.

2. Service booking regulations
– You can book a maximum number of guests including adults and children (excluding babies under 2 years old) shown on the products at each time.
Adults: Applicable to passengers 12 years of age or older as of the departure date of the first flight of the journey.
Children: applicable from 2 to under 12 years old as of the last day of the journey.
Baby: applicable from 14 days old to under 2 years old up to the last day of the journey.
– Children and babies must be booked with their parents or guardian or person authorized by law. The baby sits in the same chair as an adult.
– Child ticket price (from 2 to under 12 years old) is 80% of the adult price.
– Ticket prices for infants under 2 years old are subject to a surcharge according to service price conditions
– Your reservation and ticket price will not be guaranteed until payment is successful.
3. Regulations on prices and fees
Total payment amount includes taxes and service fees corresponding to the services.
Inbound Vietnam is not responsible for fees that may arise according to the card-issuing bank's policy as well as other fees (if any).
4. Require international payment card authentication
You may be asked to present your international payment card for us to check (if any).
When changing reservations, changing itinerary and information on tickets, Inbound Vietnam requires presentation of payment card, ID card or Passport of the cardholder.
In case you choose the "Payment at Inbound Vietnam office" method, you must comply with the following payment requirements clearly stated in your Service Booking Information.
5. Regulations on service refunds, reservations and support
- In case the Customer unilaterally cancels the trip, Inbound Vietnam must pay the costs that Inbound Vietnam has prepared for the Customer's trip, these costs are compiled by Inbound Vietnam from the cancellation regulations. Fines issued by a third party, depending on the time of cancellation, the fines are applied as follows:
      a. 30% of total contract value: If cancellation is reported within 30 days from departure date.
      b. 50% of total contract value: If canceled within 15 days from departure date.
      c. 70% of total contract value: If canceled within 07 days from departure date.
      d. 100% of total contract value: If canceled within 48 hours before departure time.
- Airline tickets are issued immediately after you pay and confirm the accuracy of your full name, date of birth, etc. For any changes in date and time or ticket cancellation, please bear the costs according to the airline's regulations.
- Refund fee for tour cancellation will be returned 1 month after the tour registration or cancellation date.

6. Other regulations
When performing services provided by Inbound Vietnam, you will have to comply with the conditions of each service, the supplier (airline, hotel, shipping line, etc.) and Inbound Vietnam posted on the website. this website.
You are responsible for ensuring all documents for entry and exit procedures including passport and visa according to the regulations of the countries involved in the itinerary.
7. Use is strictly prohibited
Do not use the service booking feature to make unauthorized reservations, hold false reservations, or make reservations with fake or dishonest information.
It is not allowed to use the service booking feature for illegal purposes; or hinder the access and use of this service by others.
Inbound Vietnam reserves the right to cancel your request to use this feature without any notice if it finds that you are violating, or are likely to violate, these usage limits.