Things to know when traveling

Before each trip, we always have certain emotions, excitement before each trip, the desire to satisfy what we want to experience, to satisfy our spiritual values. that I deserve. To have an enjoyable and emotional vacation, we should prepare in advance in the most thoughtful way. Inbound Vietnam will provide you with what you need to have an unforgettable trip filled with sublime emotions.

1. How long in advance is it reasonable to book flight tickets?
You can book flight tickets as early or late as you like, but to be able to hunt for cheap tickets to reduce costs. Normally, for domestic tours, you can book tickets at least 2-3 weeks in advance, and for international flights you should book tickets 1 to 2 months in advance. Absolutely do not book airline tickets within 24 hours before flying, you will not be able to get a good price and will have very few choices. You can search and book tickets right on the website to get the best ticket price at the time you search.

2. How long in advance should I book a hotel?
Inbound Vietnam recommends that you book a hotel room as soon as you have finalized your trip schedule. You can book directly with the hotel, or you can ask travel companies to get the best price. You should not book a hotel room right before your departure, it will be difficult to choose a good room and enjoy preferential prices from the hotel. You can combine search and booking for hotels and airline tickets right in the system of in the
CUSTOMIZED TOURS section, you will find the hotel you want.
3. If your flight is canceled, what should you do first?
In case your flight is canceled, if the flight is canceled right at the airport, what you should do immediately is go to the ticket counter and explain the current status of the flight, so that the airline can arrange a change. tell you the nearest flight time. In case the flight is canceled before departure date, please contact Inbound Vietnam consultant immediately for immediate support.
4. When should I book a tour?
The best time for you to book a tour is when you are ready for your trip, check the prices of tour programs right at, and choose a suitable tour program. Suitable for all your conditions, if you already have a visa to go to other countries, you can also think about last-minute tour hunting at the system to optimize costs.
5. How to apply for a tourist visa?
To apply for a tourist visa most smoothly, you should carefully learn about the visa regulations of your destination country. You can contact the embassy to apply directly. It will be very convenient if you contact the Inbound Vietnam team, we have a service department providing all types of visas to the countries you need to visit.
6. Should I buy insurance when traveling?
You absolutely should invest in buying insurance before traveling. They help you feel more secure before each trip. However, Inbound Vietnam's tour service packages include basic insurance for you so you can experience your trip with complete peace of mind.
7. What should I do when my luggage is delayed?
When you arrive at the airport but your luggage has not yet reached the conveyor belt, the first thing you should do is contact the airline staff, they will help you check the luggage code and help you get your luggage back. Of course, you can also ask the group tour guide to help you. Inbound Vietnam's tour guide team is always ready in any situation.