Lao Cai

Lao Cai is a province with a long history of development, a highland border province of our country, located between the Northeast and Northwest regions of Vietnam, 296 km from Hanoi by rail and 265 km by road. The east borders Ha Giang province; the west borders Son La and Lai Chau provinces; The south borders Yen Bai province, the north borders Yunnan province (China) with a 203 km border. Lao Cai has 25 ethnic groups living together in harmony, of which ethnic minorities account for 64.09% of the province's population. Kinh ethnic group accounts for 35.9%, Mong ethnic group accounts for 22.21%, Tay 15.84%, Dao 14.05%, Giay 4.7%, Nung 4.4%, the rest are special ethnic groups. There are few people from Phu La, San Chay, Ha Nhi, La Chi,... thereby creating an extremely unique national cultural identity. The ethnic groups in Lao Cai have a unique heritage of dance and music, products created from the process of production labor and daily activities: Flax pounding dance, gong dance, winnowing dance, flute dance... of the Mong people; turtle catching dance, bagua dance, Put Tong dance, bell dance... of the Dao people. Coming to Lao Cai, it is impossible not to mention famous tourist destinations such as: Sapa, O Quy Ho Pass; Y Ti and Lung Po Bat Xat Flagpole; Phong Nien Market and Ban Cam Bao Thang Market; Bac Ha Flower Valley is famous as a place to grow and display many beautiful flowers from all over the country,... Lao Cai cuisine must include Thang Co, this is a traditional dish of the Mong people, including horse meat. , beef, buffalo meat, and pork, are seasoned with esoteric flavors so those who eat it for the first time probably won't be used to it, but gradually they will enjoy it and want to taste it again and again. Lao Cai rice cake also has its own unique characteristics because it is made from sticky rice, washed, crushed, then rolled into balls, dipped in sesame salt or eaten with filling inside. Nung Din ginger meat is a traditional dish commonly found on Tet of the Nung people. Lao Cai Sapa salmon has delicious and nutritious salmon meat but requires a difficult living environment. In our country, only Lao Cai and Da Lat regions are qualified to raise this fish,... Tourists can come with Lao Cai - SaPa by rail from Hanoi, flight from Noi Bai international airport (Hanoi) then follow Noi Bai - Lao Cai highway to SaPa.

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Y Ty - Cultural beauty makes the difference of Ha Nhi people

Y Ty is one of the highest areas of Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province. This place is considered a floating fairy scene with bold indigenous cultural features.


Y Ty village - The beauty of culture makes the difference of Ha Nhi people

 Y Ty village is one of the highest areas of Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province. This place is considered a floating fairy scene with rich of local cultural features

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