Y Ty village - The beauty of culture makes the difference of Ha Nhi people

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Y Ty - A place to live that makes a difference

Only 3 hours from the center of Bat Xat district, you will come to Y Ty village - a cloud paradise with an altitude of 2000m. You will be able to breathe in the fresh air, watch the village landscape in a hazy peace, or admire the magnificent scenery of the terraced fields. In particular, this place is also a mark of the unique cultural features of the Y Ty people, belonging to the Ha Nhi, Mong, and Dao ethnic groups… One of the few ethnic groups in Vietnam.

What is impressive and attracts tourists when visiting and discovering the land of Y Ty - the living place of Ha Nhi ethnic people, will bring you new feelings and experiences. First you will be impressed and feel interesting with the houses of the people.The house is built not of brick and cement or wood but of clay, the roof is covered with straw, which gives you a warm feeling in winter and cool in summer. Looking down from above, the houses of the Ha Nhi ethnic people look like mushrooms next to the giant mountain ranges hidden in the morning mist.

In addition, the costume worn by the Ha Nhi woman is also an impressive point. Each girl will have a head scarf and a wig. The wig is made from wool knitted and formed into a bundle, with the climate here in the winter will be very harsh, so wearing a wig will help them always keep their head warm. Also according to the concept of Ha Nhi ethnic group, the costumes represent the beauty of a woman and at the same time show the intelligence and ingenuity of the woman at work, showing her health and luck. 

Continuing on the journey you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of local festivals that have created the culture and beliefs of Ha Nhi people. Prominent is the ceremony to worship the forest god "Ga Ma Do", the ceremony to cover the blanket, give thanks to the water god, pray for the season "Dry Gia Gia" ... held on the first day of the first month - this is a ceremony to pray for peace, especially important. The important bridge for a year of favorable rain, wind and good harvest has been recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage in 2016. Along with that is the Y Ty fair, a typical cultural feature held every Saturday, a unique and different market in the early morning mist attracting with clean agricultural products sold by the people. handmade baskets, necklaces, or brocade patterns. All create a miniature society imbued with local culture and beauty.

Local cuisine attracts visitors

Another thing that is indispensable when we explore the culture of the region, not only learn about the architecture and traditional costumes, but we also need to learn about the cuisine here. The dishes that converge the quintessence and cultures of the indigenous people that tourists cannot ignore when coming to Y Ty are: Ha Nhi beer and Sim San wine, Ha Sin Co ginseng and forest mushrooms.

Ha Sin Co ginseng

Ginseng Y Ty is very famous with the name Ha Sin Co root. This ginseng root can be eaten directly, has a sweet, cool, crunchy taste and a lot of water. In addition, you can process it into different dishes such as soup, served with hot pot, juice drink. With the effect of cooling, alcohol, laxative treatment and very good for people with obesity and diabetes. The best time for ginseng is in October and November.

Forest mushrooms

Coming to Y Ty without enjoying shiitake mushrooms is considered as if you have never been to Y Ty. The forest shiitake here is soft and very small in size, when processed, it will have an extremely attractive aroma. April and May are the blooming and delicious points of mushrooms. You can also buy gifts when traveling to Y Ty

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Y Ty - Cultural beauty makes the difference of Ha Nhi people

Y Ty is one of the highest areas of Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province. This place is considered a floating fairy scene with bold indigenous cultural features.