Pac Bo Historical Site - A journey to find the roots.

The Pac Bo Historical Site is located in the rocky mountains of Cao Bang - a rugged land imbued with the majestic beauty of historical flow. It is also closely associated with significant events in our nation's resistance against the French and American invasions.

Pac Bo Historical Site in Cao Bang

The Pac Bo Historical Site is situated in Truong Ha commune, Ha Quang district, Cao Bang province. It was here that Vietnamese revolutionary leaders guided the movement throughout the resistance against French and American aggressions. Despite the passing of years, this place still preserves almost intact the imprints of the Vietnamese revolution.

Surrounding the Pac Bo Historical Site are rugged mountain ranges, powerful cascading waterfalls, and gentle, lush bamboo forests. Aside from the picturesque landscapes, visitors can explore famous historical landmarks such as the Le Nin Stream, Ho Chi Minh Memorial Monument, Karl Marx Mountain, Pac Po Cave, etc.

Top 5 must-visit places when visiting the Pac Bo Historical Site​

Le Nin Stream

Le Nin Stream within the Pac Bo Historical Site features crystal-clear, cool water, allowing visibility to the bottom like a mirror reflecting the entire landscape. It's a destination that attracts many tourists due to its tranquil atmosphere and romantic scenery. Words cannot fully describe the exquisite beauty of this place.

Le Nin Stream is an ideal destination for those seeking relaxation and immersion in nature. Visitors can come to admire the clear stream, sit and rest, and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Cac Mac Mountain

One of the must-visit attractions when visiting the Pac Bo Historical Site is Cac Mac Mountain. Similar to the Le Nin Stream, Cac Mac Mountain is also named after two influential thinkers who greatly influenced Uncle Ho's revolutionary career. The mountain boasts a dense green forest with spacious and airy terrain inside but appears rugged and mysterious when viewed from the outside.

Cac Mac Mountain is a place that records many historical landmarks of the Vietnamese people. Visitors can hike up the mountain to admire the panoramic view of the Pac Bo Historical Site or simply stroll under the cool green canopy.

Pac Bo Cave

Pac Bo Cave, also known as Coc Po Cave, covers an area of about 15m2. This is where Uncle Ho lived and worked upon returning to Vietnam. It holds many important imprints of his life and career. Visitors can come to explore the cave as well as learn about the life and career of Uncle Ho.

Ho Chi Minh Memorial Temple

The Ho Chi Minh Memorial Temple is an unmissable destination when visiting the Pac Bo Historical Site in Cao Bang. The temple features traditional stilt house architecture, which is very familiar and intimate to the local people. It's not only an attractive destination for tourists but also a symbol affirming the historical and cultural values of our nation.

Lan Khuoi Nam

Lan Khuoi Nam is where Uncle Ho stayed the longest at the Pac Bo Historical Site in Cao Bang. The road to Lan Khuoi Nam is quite steep and winding, but nowadays it has been renovated and paved with stones. It is built near a stream, very secluded, convenient for observation and withdrawal if enemies are detected. Visitors can come here to explore and learn about the history of our Vietnamese nation.

The Pac Bo Historical Site is an attractive tourist destination, bearing strong historical and cultural significance for the Vietnamese people. If you have the opportunity to visit Cao Bang, do not miss the chance to explore this place to learn about the origins of our nation and discover the pristine, majestic natural beauty of this region.

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