Come to Ha Giang to see Nho Que River: The scenery is as beautiful as getting lost in a movie

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Nho Que River (Ha Giang) is one of the two main tributaries of the Gam River. The river that originates in China is called Nan Lu Han or Pho Mai River, when it flows into Vietnam, it creates a section of the Vietnam-China border in the northernmost region of the country at Lung Cu and Ma Le communes (Dong Van district). ) then flows into the interior of Ha Giang province.

You can fully capture the beauty of Nho Que River from Ma Pi Leng Pass. Above are fluffy white clouds, below is the clear blue Nho Que river with glittering, fanciful mists. From here, you can also admire the majestic mountains lying in the middle of the sky. The scenery is so beautiful that you will feel like you have just lost yourself in a movie scene.

Nho Que River is winding at the foot of the craggy cat-eared mountains of Ha Giang, all year round, the river is green and gentle, flowing smoothly. Don't miss the impressive experience of floating on Nho Que River on rustic wooden boats. Sitting on the boat and watching the cliffs stand up to the blue sky, feel the cool atmosphere and the transformation of the natural scenery, you will never feel sorry!

The most ideal time to visit this place is from late October to early November. From the top of Ma Pi Leng pass looking down, the winding green Nho Que river appears, in the distance is a field of buckwheat triangles. tender pink. This season, the flowers bloom brilliantly and stretch endlessly, you will have countless "beautiful standing anywhere" shoots.

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