My Son Sanctuary - The century-old beauty of World Cultural Heritage

For long, My Son Sanctuary has been one of the renowned tourist destinations in Vietnam in general and Quang Nam province in particular. Its unique architecture stems from the Champa people and has existed for centuries.

Exploring the centuries-old architecture of My Son Sanctuary

The architecture of My Son Sanctuary is deeply influenced by Hinduism. All the temple towers are built of stone bricks and face eastward, symbolizing the direction of the sunrise, believed to be the dwelling place of the deities. What's remarkable about My Son is that each temple tower is dedicated to a different dynasty or deity, creating cultural and religious diversity throughout Champa's history.

Each structure at My Son Sanctuary is considered an important piece representing different stages of development of the Champa people. The My Son complex is divided into three main areas:

- Area A: This is the first starting point of My Son Sanctuary. Here, visitors can admire the entire landscape of the sanctuary.
- Area B: Located on the western hill, this area contains a main tower and three auxiliary towers, creating a sacred and ancient space.
- Area C: Situated on the southern hill, this area is particularly impressive with numerous temples, towers, steles, etc. It houses a diverse range of Champa historical and cultural relics and is also the most visited area.

Activities tourists should experience

Enjoy Apsara Dance

In addition to exploring the historical architectural structures at My Son Sanctuary, tourists also have the opportunity to enjoy Apsara dance - an artistic work inspired by the Apsara sandstone sculptures. Titled "The Soul of Stone," Apsara dance is a harmonious combination of performance art and Champa culture. Accompanied by the rhythm of Paranưng drums and Saranai horns, Champa girls perform gracefully and exquisitely, captivating countless tourists.

The Kate Festival - A traditional festival of the Champa people

The Kate Festival takes place in July every year according to the Champa calendar. It is an important occasion to remember ancestors and pray for the vitality and prosperity of all living beings. Tourists will witness many traditional rituals such as water procession, procession, prayer ceremonies, and enjoy various performances with a variety of musical instruments.

Nestled discreetly within a valley surrounded by towering, overlapping hills, My Son Sanctuary stands proudly and majestically. With its unique architectural complex of the Champa people, this is a place you shouldn't miss when visiting Quang Nam.

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