Bình Hưng Island, Khanh Hoa

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Binh Hung Island, is a small island in Cam Binh commune, Cam Ranh city, nearly 2 hours by car from Nha Trang center, famous for its long white sand beaches, clear blue sea and natural scenery. wild, majestic. It can be said that Binh Hung deserves to be one of the islands - the most beautiful beach that you should visit once in your life. Read this complete guide to Binh Hung to see what Binh Hung has to do with everyone. This island "captures the heart" like this!

As a precious piece in the picture "four Binhs" given to the coastal city of Nha Trang by nature, Binh Hung Island possesses shimmering and charming beauty. Dubbed the "Maldives of Vietnam", Binh Hung appears in the eyes of visitors with a high clear sky, blue and clear sea surface that can see each coral reef near the shore, fine white sand stretches. Tilts and magnificent, mysterious caves. This place also treats visitors with fresh, fragrant seafood parties, caught directly from the sea and processed on the spot.

How to get to Binh Hung island?

You can come to Binh Hung Island at any time of the year, because the scenery here is beautiful at all times, you can always come and enjoy the blue sea, white sand, and sunshine here. But from September to November - the key month of rain and storms, you should check the schedule in advance, because the rough sea will greatly affect the trip.

To get to Binh Hung Island, from Cam Ranh city, you will move to Bai Kinh - about 30-45 minutes by car from Nha Trang city center. To Bai Kinh, you will have to park your car at the yard and buy a ticket to Bai Kinh for 10,000 VND / person. At the beach there will be a hammock, a fresh water bath that you can use for free because it is included in the ticket price, but remember to keep the ticket stub. Then take a boat for 10,000 VND / person / turn to go to the island.

The train to the island will start running from early morning, until about 6 pm it will stop working, remember to watch the time to return to the mainland.

What does the journey to discover Binh Hung have?

If you are prone to seasickness and are not used to sitting on a boat, then almost half an hour of drifting in the sea will be very tiring. But don't worry, Binh Hung with beachfront restaurants will welcome you with umbrellas and hammocks for you to rest. With a relatively soft price, only about 10,000 - 20,000 VND / time, you can just lie down and listen to the relaxing sound of waves before starting to explore this dreamlike island.

Visiting Hon Chut Lighthouse

Let's start your journey on the island by admiring the symbol of this vast green island - Hon Chut Lighthouse. To get to this lighthouse, you will be able to ride a jeep for 20,000 VND / trip / 2 ways, you can ask for information about the car at a friend's house or uncles on the island. Usually, when the boat has just landed, there is already a jeep parked right at the wharf to pick up guests.

This "tree" of lights in front of Cam Ranh Bay has been over 100 years old, has become a symbol of Binh Hung Island since its wild days, and it has guided many ships operating at night. extremely diligent. With a height of up to 16m, when standing on the top of the lighthouse, you will have the most panoramic view of the island, see the distant horizon and the sparkling sea in the beautiful sunshine.

After visiting and taking lots of photos on the lighthouse, don't forget to visit Egg Stone Beach at the foot of the lighthouse. To get down to the rocky beach, you follow the road to Hon Chut lighthouse, when you are near the place where the road turns down. This rocky beach is called Egg Stone Beach because of its round stones, as big as giant eggs, also in the form of "comrades" with the lighthouse because it is more than a hundred years old. Note that this rocky beach is only for sightseeing, you can't bathe because it's full of rocks, it won't be safe.

Swimming, visiting the bay

The island is famous for having many beautiful, clear and sparkling beaches like the Maldives, so when you come here, don't forget to stroll through the bathing beaches to satisfy your lack of "vitamin sea"! In Binh Hung island, there are many clear water beaches, soft sand and wonderful scenery, but if you don't go, it will be "guilty" with this trip.

Cha La beach has fine white sand and crystal clear blue sea water. Everyone who came to the beach then gave them the best compliments because "the water is a bit clear and the scenery is a bit beautiful". Like Nuoc Ngot beach, the water level at Cha La beach is not too deep, very clean, very suitable for "bathing fairies" and having fun on that beach. In particular, Cha La beach is also a favorite place when young people want to camp overnight and watch the sunrise!

Dive and see coral

Because Binh Hung Island possesses clear, green and clean sea water, the coral viewing service has also become one of the most popular services. If you don't want to dive, you can ask to rent a boat for a walk. These boats have clear glass bottoms, so you can move around while enjoying the beauty of the coral.

Usually the coral reef diving service will be included in the island tour. If you travel to Binh Hung on your own, you can still ask for information about the odd service of the drivers when taking the boat to the island, or at the raft houses that also provide this service,...with the price of diving service. corals fluctuate over 700,000 VND / boat / diving spot. This service will include the boat to take you to the viewing point and also the diving gear. A boat can carry about 10 people, so if you go with a group of friends, dividing per capita, the cost is not expensive, right?

Eat seafood at floating house

After sightseeing and playing on the sea, it's time to soothe your "hungry stomach" with a five-star seafood party. Once you've come to the island, how can you skip seafood? On Binh Hung Island, you can eat seafood at popular restaurants, but the best thing is to eat at raft houses - where seafood is caught directly. The raft houses are located close together on the sea with small lakes to store seafood, you can choose any raft to eat because every raft has the same fresh seafood.

You can order food and then go out to the raft to see with your own eyes the scene of fishermen taking fresh seafood, then putting it into the kitchen to process, spoiled for "virtual living" material. Because the pictures taken at the seafood restaurant are too many, but the photos in the middle of the blue sea with a series of big shrimp, fresh snails, ... are more than enough.

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