Cu Lao Cham and the fascinating experiences it offers.

Traveling to Cu Lao Cham offers visitors memorable and exciting experiences. It's an extremely appealing destination for those who want to combine relaxation with exploring the beauty of nature.

The Location of Cu Lao Cham Tourist Area

Cu Lao Cham is a cluster of islands located in Tan Hiep Commune, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province. This cluster includes a main island and eight smaller islands surrounding it, forming a giant arc when viewed from a distance. When you set foot here, you'll experience a pristine blue sea paradise with incredibly fresh air. If you're looking for a resort getaway to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, Cu Lao Cham is an ideal choice.

Must-Visit Tourist Attractions on Cu Lao Cham Island

Eo Gio (Wind Strait) Cu Lao Cham

Eo Gio is located on the eastern side of Cu Lao Cham. This is a must-visit destination for travelers who want to enjoy sunrise or sunset views. Eo Gio is surrounded by lush green mountains and vast open seas, creating an endless space to admire.. 

Hai Tang Pagoda

Hai Tang Pagoda is located at the foot of the western mountain on Hon Lao Island. This ancient and sacred pagoda has become an iconic symbol of the island and deeply ingrained in the psyche of the people of Cu Lao Cham. When visiting Hai Tang Pagoda, you will have the opportunity to learn about its history, pay homage to the Buddha, admire the stunning scenery, and most importantly, seek inner peace.

Cornfield Flower Road

During the flowering season, strolling along Bai Xep, Bai Huong, and Bai Lang roads, tourists can admire the spectacular sight of vibrant red cornfield flowers in full bloom. Despite facing harsh winds and rain, the cornfields stand tall, symbolizing the resilient spirit of the people of Central Vietnam in the face of difficulties and challenges.

Exciting Activities to Try at Cu Lao Cham

Coral Reef Diving

Cu Lao Cham captivates visitors not only with its stunning natural scenery and fresh air but also with the diverse and abundant marine life. Diving to observe coral reefs here always attracts the attention of tourists.

Exploring the Primeval Forest

In addition to frolicking on the beaches, you can also explore the primeval forests here. Along the hiking trails up the mountain slopes, you will immerse yourself in the cool green space, admiring the beauty of wild orchids and various plant species.

Cu Lao Cham was honored to be recognized by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve in 2009. With over 950 preserved marine species, it is an appealing destination for nature lovers. Exploring Cù Lao Chàm, visitors will be captivated by the pristine beauty of nature along with the peaceful and picturesque fishing villages.

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