Quang Nam

Located in the heart of the Central region, Quang Nam is a rare destination that embodies all the beauty one can find in the promised land. It offers a pristine atmosphere, stunning natural landscapes, culturally rich destinations, and people whose hospitality knows no bounds. When mentioning Quang Nam, one often thinks of the serene ancient town of Hoi An, the mystical sanctuary of My Son, the untouched beauty of Cu Lao Cham, or the azure waters and long stretches of white sand at Cua Dai Beach.

The best time to visit Quang Nam is from February to August when the weather is sunny, with little rain and no storms, providing favorable conditions for exploration and experiencing the stunning destinations of this land. The combination of natural elements and the cultural heritage and historical traditions of Quang Nam is a priceless resource, facilitating the strong development of the tourism industry. And there, on the land of gentle, friendly, and hospitable Quang Nam, locals are always eager to welcome visitors from all corners of the globe.

What's good to eat?


Hoi An Bread - A street specialty that is "irresistibly delicious".

Hoi An Bread - The quintessential street food that you cannot miss when visiting the dreamy ancient town of Hoi An.


Hoi An's thick noodle soup - A renowned specialty of the ancient town.

Thick noodle soup is one of the flavorful and enticing dishes that you shouldn't miss when visiting Hoi An, Quang Nam.


Quang noodles - The essence of Quang Nam's culinary scene.

The specialty of Quang noodles is a traditional dish of Quang Nam province. When visiting the Central region, this is a delicacy you shouldn't miss

Where to go?


Quang Nam develops tourism with a set of green tourism criteria

Quang Nam province has set a target that green tourism will contribute to attracting 12 million visitors to stay by 2025.


Cu Lao Cham and the fascinating experiences it offers.

Traveling to Cu Lao Cham is a famous tourist destination, an unmissable spot for nature lovers.Traveling to Cu Lao Cham is a famous tourist destination, an unmissable spot for nature lovers. 


My Son Sanctuary - The century-old beauty of World Cultural Heritage

My Son Sanctuary - A World Cultural Heritage site, exuding ancient, majestic, and magnificent beauty. A must-visit destination


Hoi An Ancient Town - A venerable city adorned with the beauty of time

Hoi An Ancient Town is as enchanting as a captivating painting, where sophistication and antiquity blend together to mesmerize every tourist

Special location


Banh it - A dish imbued with rustic flavor, deeply rooted in the countryside.

"Banh it" is a traditional dish in Vietnamese festivals and Tet holidays, as well as a signature countryside delicacy of Quang Nam province.


Coconut grilled cake - The delicious specialty gift from Quang Nam province

Grilled coconut cake, crispy, sweet, and fragrant with the aroma of coconut, is a famous specialty of Quang Nam province that you shouldn't miss.


Quang Nam waffle cake - Traditional flavor that evokes nostalgia.

Quang Nam waffle cake is one of the most famous specialties of Central Vietnamese cuisine, perfect for purchasing as gifts!

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