Binh Thuan

Binh Thuan, located in the Southeast of Central Vietnam, stands out as one of the bright spots in Central Vietnam tourism, attracting visitors with its pristine beauty and rich history. The best time to visit Binh Thuan is from December to April. During this time, the intense heat subsides, and the sea is clearer, suitable for recreational activities, swimming, and exploring nature.

The culture and people of Binh Thuan are an integral part of the beauty and allure of this region. Binh Thuan prides itself on being a melting pot of various cultures, from ancient Cham culture to contemporary Vietnamese culture, creating a diverse and rich tapestry. The people of Binh Thuan live close to the sea and mountains, reflected in their simple, sincere, and gentle way of life. They nurture a spirit of peace, hospitality, and care for the protection and development of their community. Binh Thuan's culinary culture is also remarkable, featuring flavorful seafood dishes such as grilled squid, spicy salt-grilled fish, and traditional Cham dishes.

Notable tourist destinations in Binh Thuan include Cam Ranh Bay with its long beaches and clear blue waters, Phan Thiet sand dunes with their beautiful white landscapes, and Mui Ne Fishing Village showcasing the daily lives of fishermen at sea. Binh Thuan, with its excellent combination of history, culture, and nature, is an ideal destination for those who love exploration and relaxation.

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