Dak Lak

When mentioning gong culture, coffee, or elephants, everyone will immediately think of Dak Lak tourism, a province in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. If you've been captivated by beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, or bustling tourist attractions for a long time, take some time to "change the scene" with the Central Highlands region, which promises to offer you many new experiences. Dak Lak is most beautiful around late November when the rainy season has passed, leaving the autumn sky clear and cool, and the waterfalls still flowing abundantly. The weather in the early months of the year is also pleasant. Late February to early March is the coffee blossom season, April is the season of vibrant red rhododendron flowers, and November is the season of wild sunflowers. Additionally, there are seasons for white lilies, yellow muong flowers, and cherry blossoms as well. And if you've come to Dak Lak, you must visit Buon Don - a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists. Known as the "elephant kingdom" of the Central Highlands, Buon Don is famous for its tradition of elephant hunting, taming, and raising. Here, you can hear stories about mahouts (elephant caretakers), visit ancient stilt houses over a hundred years old, and explore the unique architecture of the tomb of the elephant hunting king Ama Kong... You can also feed and take photos with the elephants under the supervision of the caretakers.

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