Thanh Hoa

Thanh Hoa, a pivotal city in Central Vietnam, is situated in a region where various historical and cultural areas converge, giving it a strategic geographical position and distinctive cultural diversity. Throughout the nation's illustrious history, this place has served as an important and steadfast stronghold, contributing significantly to the resistance against foreign invaders.

The culture and people of Thanh Hoa province play a crucial role in embellishing the diverse and rich tapestry of this region. Thanh Hoa's people are known for their strength, resilience, and ingenuity. They are deeply connected to the land, renowned for their diligence and meticulousness, while preserving the cultural traditions of the nation. Furthermore, Thanh Hoa's culinary culture is exceptional, featuring a variety of traditional dishes such as sour fermented pork, thorn leaf cake, noodle soup with shredded chicken, grilled fish cake, and many other specialties.

When mentioning tourism in Thanh Hoa, one must highlight famous attractions such as the Pu Luong eco-tourism area with its captivating pristine natural beauty, Sam Son Beach, one of Vietnam's most renowned beaches, Lam Kinh historical site – where historical relics of the early Le dynasty founded by King Le Loi are exhibited, Hang Ken with its fascinating and unique cave system, and many other enticing destinations awaiting exploration.

What's good to eat?


Top 4 delicious seafood restaurants in Thanh Hoa

Inbound Vietnam recommends 4 delicious seafood restaurants in Thanh Hoa that you should visit to enjoy some amazing seafood dishes here.


Thanh Hoa shrimp cake - a must-try delicacy

Let's explore the delicious flavor of Thanh Hoa shrimp cake together with Inbound Vietnam in the article below.


Thanh Hoa's fermented pork rolls - A tangy and spicy flavor that is unforgettable.

Thanh Hoa's fermented pork rolls is a dish that carries the distinct flavor of the land of Thanh. A bit sour, spicy, and crunchy, it will make you want to keep eating without stopping.

Where to go?


Experience the beauty of nature in Pu Luong.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life, Pu Luong is an ideal destination for travelers seeking the pristine beauty of nature, where they can enjoy the fresh, cool air and immerse themselves in the tranquility and relaxation.


Discover the pristine and mysterious beauty of the Fairy Fish Stream in Thanh Hoa.

Visiting the Fairy Fish Stream, tourists will immerse themselves in the stunning natural scenery with the school of fairy fish swimming cheerfully.


Sam Son - A coastal city with many attractive tourist destinations.

With its long stretches of beaches, fresh air, and luxurious resorts, Sam Son offers travelers enjoyable and comfortable experiences.

Special location


Che lam Phu Quang - Vietnamese nutty ginger sticky rice bar

With its sweet and gentle flavor, nutty ginger sticky rice bar from Phu Quang village in Thanh Hoa is increasingly popular and well-known not only in the region but also nationwide.


Enjoying Tu Tru ramie leaves rice cake

Exploring Tu Tru ramie leaves rice cake - a specialty of Thanh Hoa, a simple yet thoughtful gift you can bring back for friends and family when visiting Thanh Hoa.


Thanh Hoa sour fermented pork roll - A simple yet enticing countryside gift.

Thanh Hoa sour fermented pork roll is not only a beloved snack for many people but also a meaningful gift to give to friends and family.

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