Da Nang's Golden Bridge

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"Vietnam's Golden Bridge, opened in 2018, is designed as though a giant's hands (made of fiberglass and mesh wire) are gently supporting the 490 feet path (150 m) for pedestrians, which overlooks the coastal resort of Da Nang," the paper notes in its introduction.

The newspaper also noted that in the short space of time since its opening, more than 20,000 posts have appeared on Instagram at #goldenbridgevietnam.

The newspaper says its latest list of new wonders is based on the opinions of "Millenials". "...New Wonders are designed for immediate impact, delivering 'astonishing' and 'wonderful' every step of the way."

Other wonders on the list include: the residential tower block Bosco Verticale (or Vertical Forest) in Milan (Italy); Gardens by the Bay Urban Park (Singapore); Soumaya Museum in Mexico City (Mexico), and Kalbarri Skywalk (Australia).

The Golden Bridge was ranked among the top 100 World’s Greatest Places in 2018 by Time magazine. In 2020, Insider, a leading U.S. news site, also chose it in their list of the most stunning bridges in the world.

It gained global popularity very quickly after opening in June 2018, attracting extensive media coverage and attracting visitors from all over the world. It has also become a fixture in several international awards every year.

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