This summer, let's go to Cu Lao Xanh - Why not?

Cu Lao Xanh - the emerald island amidst the coastal city of Quy Nhon, offering countless unique corners waiting for us to explore. Let's wander to Cu Lao Xanh this summer with Inbound Vietnam

1. Cu Lao Xanh - The Untamed Gem Fascinates Travelers

Quy Nhon, the coastal city, is renowned for its pristine beauty and the magnificent blue hues of the ocean. However, it's when you visit Cu Lao Xanh - an island located 24km from downtown Quy Nhon - that you can truly immerse yourself in the untamed wilderness, surrendering to the pure air and letting your soul follow the rhythm of the waves. The deep blue color of the sea, the vibrant greenery blending with the vast blue sky, all harmoniously create a lively natural masterpiece, allowing us to truly live with nature and leave behind the worries of urban life. Calling Cu Lao Xanh an untamed gem is not an exaggeration; as soon as you set foot here, you will be greeted by rugged stone fences of various shapes, firmly intertwined like a robust natural defense system for this island. They stack upon each other, leaning against one another, drawing strength to withstand the fierce waves, much like how the locals here embrace each other as one big family.

2. Which season is the best for visiting Cu Lao Xanh?

Traveling to Cu Lao Xanh is very beautiful - the weather is pleasant and comfortable, especially from February to June. This period is the dry season, with cool air, sunny weather, and gentle sea breezes, making it ideal for snorkeling and exploring the island. However, apart from these beautiful months, there are also months of stormy weather, with rough seas, which can make transportation between the mainland and the island difficult. This typically occurs from October to January of the following year. During this time, even the fishing boats of fishermen are restricted from going offshore, so you should take note to avoid your trip becoming unpleasant.

3. Must-visit check-in spots when visiting Cu Lao Xanh

3.1. Hoan Bang Cape


At Hoan Bang cape, you'll marvel at the stacked rock cliffs, crafted with artistic precision by the magical hands of nature. These cliffs jut out into the sea, resembling the human hand reaching out to merge with nature, embracing the gentle waves and echoing the call of the sea to the mainland and to us. This location has not been extensively exploited, thus maintaining its pristine beauty, purity, and natural cleanliness with extremely serene and picturesque corners.

3.2. Plogam Bir

The Plogam Lighthouse is the top attraction when visiting Cu Lao Xanh. This lighthouse has a history dating back hundreds of years, built during the French colonial period with ancient architecture. Constructed entirely of stone, the highlight is its coating of two colors, white and green, reminiscent of the fresh beauty of this emerald island, making it a hotspot for tourists to check-in. If you have the chance, try visiting Plogam Bir at night. Experience once in a lifetime, gazing at the lighthouse standing tall amidst the sparkling night sky, casting beams of light guiding the distant ships

3.3. Youth Flagpole

The Youth Flagpole is also an impressive landmark that you should visit when traveling to Cu Lao Xanh. This flagpole was inaugurated on August 22, 2015, initiated by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and the Vietnamese Student Association. The flagpole stands tall, with the flag fluttering proudly, symbolizing the national pride and the honor of being a child of this sacred S-shaped land. This structure serves as a profound reminder for the future generations of the country, urging them to continuously raise their awareness and responsibility in protecting the nation's sacred sovereignty.

3.4. Experience coral diving

This is an exciting experience that you definitely shouldn't miss when traveling to Cu Lao Xanh. Dive into the crystal-clear waters, witness and touch the vibrant coral reefs firsthand. The colorful and lively marine ecosystem will captivate and thrill you. The coral diving services here are extremely safe; you will be equipped with all necessary tools and equipment and accompanied by a guide to ensure the safety of tourists.

Exploring Cu Lao Xanh - pristine and refreshing like this, would you like to join IVN to discover this emerald island this summer?

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