Cao Bang steamed rice rolls: Once you try it, you'll remember forever

Steamed rice rolls are a familiar and popular dish across many regions of Vietnam. However, Cao Bang steamed rice rolls have a distinct and unique flavor that sets them apart, captivating the hearts of many diners and leaving a lasting impression

What makes Cao Bang steamed rice rolls special?

Steamed rice rolls are a common dish, but Cao Bang steamed rice rolls stand out from those found in other places. Locals in Cao Bang don't eat the rolls with fish sauce like elsewhere; instead, they enjoy them with a broth simmered from pork bones. This broth is enhanced with chili, pickled bamboo shoots, and sweet leaves to make it more flavorful and enticing.

Moreover, a distinctive feature of this dish lies in the rice roll itself. The rice flour used for the rolls must be the specialty Cao Bang rice flour, soaked and finely ground to achieve just the right stickiness and elasticity before being spread. The filling for the rice rolls typically consists of minced meat stir-fried with wood ear mushrooms or eggs, depending on individual preferences.

How to properly enjoy Cao Bang steamed rice rolls

In addition to using fresh and delicious ingredients, the way of enjoying the dish plays a crucial role in making the renowned Cao Bang steamed rice rolls unique. When eating, diners use chopsticks to pick up each piece of rice roll and dip it into a bowl of broth. To enhance the flavor, one can add a bit of chili sauce, garlic, pepper, or lime to the broth, making the dish even more delicious.

Top 3 delicious steamed rice roll restaurants not to be missed

Uyen Phong Steamed Rice Rolls

Uyen Phong Steamed Rice Rolls (also known as Old Quarter Steamed Rice Rolls) is one of the most famous restaurants in Cao Bang province. It is beloved by locals and tourists alike for its delicious and authentic mountainous flavor.

Address: 59 Old Quarter, Hop Giang Ward, Cao Bang Province.

Mrs. Hai's Steamed Rice Rolls

The steamed rice rolls at Mrs. Hai's restaurant have a unique and enticing flavor. The rice rolls here are milky white, unlike others, as they are made from Doan Ket rice, which is very special. The restaurant is often crowded, so you may have to wait to enjoy this dish during peak hours.

Address: Hoang Dinh Giong Street, Hop Giang Ward, Cao Bang.

Mrs Zin Steamed Rice Rolls

Mrs Zin restaurant is a popular choice for experiencing the famous steamed rice rolls. When enjoying the dish here, you will taste the richness of the filling, the softness of the rice paper, and the authentic flavor of Cao Bang.

Address: 133 Cam Garden, Hop Giang Ward, Cao Bang.

Cao Bang steamed rice rolls are a simple yet incredibly enticing and delicious dish that leaves a lasting impression. If you have the opportunity to visit Cao Bang, don't forget to indulge in this famous dish of the region!
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