Tram Sticky Rice - a popular traditional dish in Cao Bang

Cao Bang is considered a culinary paradise imbued with the distinctive flavors of the Northwestern region. Local residents here have ingeniously created many unique dishes, bearing the cultural essence and flavors of the mountains and forests. Among them, Tram sticky rice stands out as a specialty that captivates countless diners.

Tram sticky rice - A delicacy during highland festivals

Tram sticky rice is a traditional dish of the people in Cao Bang province. This dish is often made on occasions such as festivals, Lunar New Year, weddings, and more. From the shiny glutinous rice grains, through the skillful hands of the local people, Tram sticky rice has become an extremely enticing specialty, attracting numerous visitors from afar. Moreover, Tram sticky rice carries the meaning of wishing for luck, happiness, and abundance for the family.

What makes the famous Tram sticky rice in Cao Bang special?

Unlike the intricate savory sticky rice in Saigon or the folded sticky rice in Hanoi, Cao Bang Tram sticky rice still captivates tourists with its rich flavor of the mountains without the need for ostentation. This dish is simple yet irresistibly attractive to those who taste it.

Tram sticky rice is made from two main ingredients: glutinous rice and Tram. Glutinous rice is delicious, sticky, and fragrant. Tram is harvested from the forest, peeled, then stir-fried with minced meat, dried onions, and spices. The Tram sticky rice has a beautiful pinkish-purple color, with the aroma of glutinous rice blending with the rich, nutty flavor of Tram, creating an incredibly enticing dish. It can be served with black sesame salt, cured pork sausage, and more, all of which are delicious accompaniments.

Address for eating sticky rice in Cao Bang

Sticky rice, especially the black sesame variety, is typically consumed as a breakfast dish by locals in Cao Bang province. Purchasing sticky rice in Cao Bang is relatively easy and there are no specific shops dedicated to it like other dishes. You can find it along streets such as Nguyen Du, Hong Viet, or Cao Binh Old Quarter. Every morning, along these streets, you'll see women selling baskets of fragrant, soft, and hot sticky rice. With prices ranging from 7,000 to 10,000 VND, tram sticky rice is an excellent choice to fuel your day's work.

Sticky rice with Tram sesame is a simple yet incredibly delicious and enticing dish. This specialty has garnered praise from all who have had the pleasure of tasting it, leaving a lasting impression after just one bite. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Cao Bang, don't forget to indulge in this delightful dish! Rest assured, sticky rice with tram sesame will not disappoint you.
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