Ninh Binh crispy rice - a dish you must try.

Crispy rice is a renowned dish known for its delicious aroma, crispy texture, rich flavor, and indulgent richness, making it a culinary experience not to be missed when visiting Ninh Binh.

Experience the unique flavor of Ninh Binh crispy rice

Ingredients and preparation method

Crispy rice is made from simple and readily available ingredients such as glutinous rice, lard, shredded pork floss, fried shallots, fish sauce, salt, pepper, etc. However, this dish has a unique and unforgettable flavor thanks to its distinctive preparation method.

Glutinous rice is cooked until tender, then fried to a golden crispiness in combination with melted lard. Next, the crispy rice is continuously fried until evenly golden. Finally, a layer of aromatic shredded pork floss mixed with fried shallots, fish sauce, and lard is spread over the surface of the crispy rice, creating a tantalizing flavor for the dish.

The texture is crispy, the flavor is rich and savory, with a hint of sweetness from the pork floss and a depth of umami from the fish sauce, resulting in an irresistible culinary experience.

When eating, you will feel the crispy texture of the crispy rice, the rich flavor of lard, and the savory taste of shredded pork floss. The flavor of Ninh Binh crispy rice becomes even better when paired with the characteristic dipping sauce, which is often made from a variety of ingredients such as fish sauce, sugar, lime, chili, garlic, etc.

Top 3 places to enjoy the best crispy rice in Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh Hoa Lu Crispy Rice - located at 03 Vo Thi Sau, Dong Thanh Ward.

The crispy rice from this brand is made from fragrant golden rice grains, meticulously cooked and marinated with rich and delicious spices. Hoa Lu crispy rice is packaged in eye-catching and elegant bags, suitable for bringing as gifts for friends and relatives.

Ninh Binh Viet Hung Crispy Rice Specialty - located at 593 QL38B, Tien Ton Town.

Viet Hung crispy rice commits to using clean ingredients without additives, ensuring food safety and hygiene. The packaging process and design are also carefully invested in, providing convenience for users. Additionally, the price of Viet Hung crispy rice is very affordable, suitable for many people's budgets.

Vua Dinh Crispy Rice - located at 86 Luong Van Tuy Extended, Tan Thinh Ward.

The highlight of Vua Dinh crispy rice is the savory seafood sauce, which is both salty and sweet with a hint of spiciness, blending perfectly with the soft, crispy crispy rice. In addition to the crispy rice with seafood sauce, Vua Dinh also offers regular crispy rice with shredded pork floss, catering to the diverse needs of customers.

Be sure to enjoy Ninh Binh crispy rice when you have the opportunity to visit here!.
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