Fermented pork roll - the famous specialty of Quang Ninh

When it comes to Ha Long, many people immediately think of famous tourist spots such as Ha Long Bay, Tuan Chau Island, or Thien Cung Cave. However, what is less known is that Ha Long also boasts some equally enticing specialty dishes, especially nem chua (fermented pork roll) and nem chao (grilled fermented pork roll) in Quang Yen. This region is not only rich in cultural traditions but also has a diverse and abundant culinary scene with dishes that have become local specialties.

Quang Ninh's fermented pork rolls is renowned for their unique flavors.

Quang Ninh's fermented pork rolls, known as nem chua, and grilled fermented pork rolls, known as nem chao or nem thinh, are not only unique dishes of the Northern region but also carry the essence of Quang Yen locals. Prepared from a mixture of pork skin, minced pork, and simple ingredients, Quang Yen's nem chao boasts a distinct flavor profile that leaves a lasting impression on anyone who tries it.

In addition to nem chao, Quang Yen's fermented pork rolls, nem chua, are equally beloved. With a savory, slightly sour, and well-balanced flavor profile achieved through a blend of spices, coupled with the natural sweetness of the meat, nem chua from this region truly captivates diners.

The distinctive aspect of enjoying nem chua and nem chao in Quang Yen comes not only from the quality of the ingredients but also from the skillful preparation. Nem chao is marinated with various fresh herbs such as wild betel leaf, ginseng, mulberry leaves, and Vietnamese balm, creating a harmonious, impressive, and refreshing flavor.

The dipping sauce also plays a crucial role, needing to balance all four flavors of sour, spicy, salty, sweet, along with a hint of chili heat to perfect the exquisite taste of nem chao and nem chua.

The secret of making Quang Yen fermented pork roll

The preparation of nem chua and nem chao in Quang Yen is not simple; it requires skill and attention to detail. From selecting the ingredients to the mixing, wrapping, and fermenting process, every step is important and demands expertise.

The pork meat and pork skin are carefully chosen, focusing not only on quality but also on the preparation method before cooking. Meticulousness in marinating with spices and the fermentation period is also the key to creating nem chua and nem chao with unique flavors.

Nem chua and nem chao in Quang Yen are not just delicious dishes; they also represent the sentiment of the local people. Enjoying these dishes is not only a culinary experience but also a way to learn about the culture, dedication, and pride of the people of Quang Yen.

If you have the opportunity to visit Quang Yen, don't forget to bring back nem chua and nem chao as gifts for your family and friends. It's not just a simple gift but also a way to share the unique flavors of this region.

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