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Tours in the Tour du lịch Ninh Thuan

Ninh Thuan is a coastal province in the South Central Coast region of Vietnam. The province has more than 20 Cham villages, some of which still maintain matrilineal practices. Ninh Thuan has almost intact the system of Cham towers built many centuries agoNinh Thuan coast has many famous beautiful beaches and many rivers and streams for tourism such as Vang stream, Tien waterfall,... Beaches in Ninh Thuan such as Binh Tien Beach, Ninh Chu Beach, Binh Son Beach, Ca Na Beach. This place also preserves and preserves many ancient Cham architectural and cultural works associated with Cham cultural festivals. Many Cham towers such as Poklong Grai (Cham Tower), Porome tower (Ninh Phuoc). Currently there are 3 Ninh Thuan Cham towers, built by around 400-1100 years include Tower Hoa Lai (Three Towers), Po Klong Garai, Po Rome . Ancient Cham villages include Bau Truc Pottery Village and My Nghiep Brocade Village . In addition, the province also has 2 eco-tourism areas including Nui Chua National Park and Phuoc Binh National Park.

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