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Useful Cheap Hotel Booking Tips

Date Submitted: 27/09/2021 - 32 - View

The first simple but most effective secret that perhaps everyone knows is to book a hotel room as soon as possible, the cheaper you will get.

1. Book early:

The first simple but most effective secret that perhaps everyone knows is to book a hotel room as soon as possible, the cheaper you will get. Especially in the high season such as the summer months, holidays and Tet, hotels often increase prices very high, if you book too late or close, you will have to pay much higher fees. Not only that, the situation of room fires also happens often, so it is difficult to find the right room.

Hotel booking websites today often have a lot of preferential policies for early bookings. For example, Inbound Vietnam has a separate price policy for customers who book early with a discount of up to 70%. Therefore, booking about 60 days in advance is the ideal time to choose a cheap and good quality hotel room. You can refer to some reputable domestic online hotel booking websites such as Or to receive many incentives when booking early.

2. Hunt for promotions:
Usually, hotels oft
en have a lot of promotions for customers such as: Anniversary of establishment, customer gratitude, golden hour session... Especially during the holidays, many of you often think about hunting deals. Cheap price is a "luxury" and almost does not happen, but in reality it is not, this is the time when travel companies do not hesitate to offer a series of attractive offers to compete. together. So, you will have the opportunity to receive exclusive deals up to 50% off, not only get cheap prices but you also get 4-5 star service.

To find such "terrible" promotions, you only have to regularly search the website. If you see a good price, you must order it right away, lest you miss it. For example, the same price travel combo of Inbound Vietnam, only 1,999,000 VND/person for a 3-day 2-night journey, and VND 2,199,000/person for a 4-day 3-night journey at any of your favorite destinations included in the combo such as Hue, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Phu Quoc, Quy Nhon, Phu Yen, Hanoi, Saigon... It's very attractive to hear, isn't it?

3. Take advantage of exclusive member offers:
It is also a promotion hunt, but registering members at travel sites also enjoys more attractive policies. This is also considered an extremely important step, deciding the success or failure of the "cheap booking" campaign. Especially, besides the preferential vouchers. Great deals, the website also has a policy of accumulating points for members, from which you will also have the opportunity to receive a deep discount for the next bookings.

Sometimes the information sent via email will bother you a bit, but if you can update the hot promotions right away, it's worth it, isn't it? Don't hesitate or think that registering as a member is cumbersome and skips it, this is an effective secret to save your pocket money.

4. Ask a customer care consultant for advice:
It can be said that this option is the salvation for all difficulties in online hotel booking. Especially suitable for customers who do not have time to learn, or are not familiar with technology. All the problems you have during the booking process such as information about services, payment methods, cancellation policy, etc. You can ask the customer service staff of the website or the hotel to help you through the consultation. 1 phone call.

Besides, the consultants also help you determine the right purpose of the trip, offer many options, thereby finding the hotel with the best price, suitable for each customer's needs. And yet, the staff also know the exact promotions and discounts, helping you to have the most economical trip.

5. Take advantage of last-minute bookings:
If you can't book early or have unexpected trips, you can also use last-minute booking (not close to the day). This is a method of booking directly at the hotel on the same day of your arrival. Because the characteristic of the accommodation service industry is that guests often have last-minute changes, cancellations, no-shows… Last-minute booking was born to solve the hotel's occupancy. Therefore, there are many hotels that offer preferential programs with good prices for last-minute bookings to stimulate guests to book immediately.

​Hopefully some of the sharing about Inbound Vietnam's cheap room booking experience here will help you solve the problem of accommodation when traveling. So, what are you waiting for, do not apply immediately to have the most complete and economical trip.

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