Ha Long squid cake is a suitable gift to buy for your loved ones.

Ha Long squid cake is a famous specialty of Quang Ninh. It is a unique and popular dish in the local cuisine, made from fresh squid combined with other ingredients to create a flavorful and distinctive sausage. Ha Long squid cake is suitable for buying as a gift for loved ones after a trip, serving as a souvenir reminiscent of this beautiful city.

Distinctive Flavor of Hạ Long Squid cake

To create its characteristic flavor, the first secret of Ha Long squid cake lies in its main ingredient, the freshest squid from the waters of Ha Long Bay. Squid bred here always achieves optimal quality, an essential factor contributing to the special taste of this renowned sausage

The second secret lies in the traditional recipe passed down from generation to generation by coastal residents. Only those with years of experience know how to select the squid, use spices, and balance them to create the perfect flavor.

The cooking process is also delicate, requiring skilled hands to manually grind the squid evenly. Incorrect grinding or the use of machinery can result in the sausage not achieving the necessary smoothness and cohesion, leading to pieces of sausage that do not meet the requirements 

Processing Ha Long Squid Cake 

Selecting Squid: Fresh squid from Halong Bay is carefully selected, filtering out the largest and best squid to make the cake. This is an important step that determines the quality of the squid cake.

Grinding Squid: Squid is pre-processed, removing the ink sac, slimy part, and cleaned with salt water. Then, the squid is manually ground until it reaches the desired smoothness.

Seasoning: After grinding, the squid is mixed with chicken eggs, garlic, pepper, cilantro, and pork fat to marinate for 5-10 minutes for the spices to absorb, without losing the characteristic flavor of the squid.

Frying Squid Cake: A hot oil pan is prepared to fry the cake evenly until golden, flipping the cake evenly by hand. When the squid cake is evenly cooked and has a golden orange color, it is scooped onto a plate.

The squid cake not only has a sweet fragrance and a soft, chewy texture but also has a crispy golden exterior and a smooth, white interior, with a rich flavor of the deep sea that continuously earns praises from those who enjoy it.

If the squid cake is not consumed immediately, it is usually lightly steamed or fried, then stored in the refrigerator freezer compartment using a vacuum-sealed bag to preserve its best flavor. Thanks to its long shelf life, Halong squid cake is suitable for purchase as a gift for loved ones, so you should consider it!

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