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Tours in the Tour du lịch Binh Dinh

Binh Dinh is a province in the South Central Coast of Vietnam. Along the coast of Binh Dinh province, there are 33 large and small islands divided into 10 groups of islands or single islands. Binh Dinh is a land with a long history with the Sa Huynh culture, once the ancient capital of the Champa kingdom , the legacy of which is the Do Ban citadel and the Cham towers with unique architectural art. Binh Dinh is home to art forms such as tuong , Bai Choi ... with a long coastline, many bays with beautiful beaches and scenic landscapes such as: Quy Nhon, Trung Luong, Hai Giang, Yen Island, Hoang Hau beach, Quy Hoa, Bai Dai, …

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