Inbound Vietnam with Government news - Recover tourism industry after covid step by step

When the Covid epidemic has become a global problem, causing difficulties and affecting the entire economy in general and the tourism industry in particular, Inbound Vietnam had the opportunity to discuss with government news to provide views on the future vision as well as a strategy to rebuild Vietnam's tourism industry.

When tourism is reopened, Inbound Vietnam International Travel Co., Ltd - a domestic and international tour organizer with many years of experience - will safely adapt to the new conditions, ensuring the dual goal of disease prevention and business recovery and development

Mr. Pham Xuan Quy, CEO of the company:

"We always try to adapt to every situation, especially in terms of human resources. All staff of Inbound Vietnam Travel have been vaccinated with 2 shots. Additionally, we develop the organizational framework for the business, alter our perspectives and methods, implement 4.0 technology and software for operating management, conduct digital transformation, update with accurate, focused information, and set priorities for our advertising images and roadmap"

From now on, the company will prioritize stimulating demand, creating unique tourism products, and deviating from the norm. In particular, Inbound Vietnam Travel will need to adapt and place more of an emphasis on the "quality" of the product rather than competing solely on price as it did in the past

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