6 Best Things To Do In Hue (Vietnam)

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Hue is one of the most charming towns in Vietnam and is located on the banks of the beautifully named Perfume River. This part of Vietnam has a long and ...

Hue is one of the most charming towns in Vietnam and is located on the banks of the beautifully named Perfume River. This part of Vietnam has a long and illustrious history as it used to be one of the main royal capitals of the country. As such, history lovers will find a huge amount to enjoy here, from the rambling ancient architecture to the engaging museums that will fill you in on all the details. Many people come here in particular to check out the ancient tombs of former emperors which are dotted all over the city and provide you with a fascinating insight into Hue in the days of old.

Since it's a riverside town, you can also take your time enjoying the cool breezes and beautiful scenery while strolling along the riverwalk, and if you want to get out of the town centre, You are also spoiled for choice. . There are a number of fascinating day trips near the city, which means you could happily spend a week in Hue and still not see and do everything this beautiful part of Vietnam has to offer.

1. Visit the Tombs of the Ancient Emperors

One of the big draws in Hue is the tombs of the Ancient Emperors and this is the main reason why so many visitors travel here every year.

Anyone with an interest in ancient architecture and history needs to visit the tombs which were built in honor of famous emperors of Hue.

The tombs mostly date from the 19th and 20th centuries and are carved to tell the stories of Buddhist legends.

Some of the main tombs not to miss include the Tomb of Tu Duc, the Tomb of Minh Mang and the Tomb of Khai Dinh.

If you are not sure which tombs to visit on a trip here then you can take a dedicated guided tour.

2. Visit the Tu Hieu Pagoda

Tu Hieu Pagoda is one of the most famous pagodas in Hue, dating back to 1843. This temple was also the residence of eunuchs during the Hue Imperial Citadel and now there are about 70 monks living here.

While visiting, you can enjoy two towering temples and also listen to monks chanting throughout the day as part of their religious ceremonies.

3. Walk along the Perfume River

6 Best Things To Do In Hue

The Perfume River is one of the most famous waterways in Vietnam and Hue is the perfect place to take it all in.

There is a delightful waterfront promenade along the banks of the river and this makes a great place to come for a scenic walk in the evenings.

You can also take to the water yourself if you want to get a closer look at the river and rent a paddleboat or opt for an elegant dinner cruise.

4. Sample the food

6 Best Things To Do In Hue

Hue is often said to have some of the best food in Vietnam and with that, you need to make sure you sample all the goodies during your trip here.

As Hue was once one of the most important royal cities in Vietnam, it was also one of the high-end production places of famous Royal banquets.

Many restaurants across town still serve these dishes in the traditional style, and you can sit down and enjoy a meal that unfolds in a variety of ways.

If you're looking for a sweet treat in the city, be sure to stop by the local sesame seed candy.

5. Explore Huyen Tran Princess Temple

6 Best Things To Do In Hue

The Huyen Tan Princess Temple consists of a large complex which is covered with lakes of lotus flowers.

The monastery of Emperor Tran Nhan Tong is also located here and you will also be able to stroll in picturesque orchard gardens when you visit.

Other highlights include a library which holds important documents relating to previous kings and historical figures during the Tran Dynasty.

6. Visit the Imperial Citadel

6 Best Things To Do In Hue

The Imperial Citadel in Hue will be the former center of government and is made up of a large complex.

As you walk around, you can admire the moats, carved gates, and royal pavilions, plus a host of fascinating museums on the grounds.

If you like Vietnamese costumes, textiles and art, don't miss the main galleries here.

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