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Quang Nam develops tourism with a set of green tourism criteria

Date Submitted: 10/12/2021 - 00 - View

Quang Nam province has set a target that green tourism will contribute to attracting 12 million visitors to stay by 2025.

Quang Nam Provincial People's Committee has just issued a decision to issue a set of green tourism criteria in some types of tourism activities in the province.
Accordingly, there are 6 sets of green tourism criteria for hotels (9 topics), homestay (10 topics), resorts (10 topics), travel businesses (5 topics), community-based attractions (9 topics) and attractions (11 topics).

Quang Nam develops tourism with a set of green tourism criteria

Quang Nam Green Tourism Criteria is divided into main sustainability themes, each of which includes a number of specified criteria, along with indicators to measure and quantify.

Depending on the type, topics in this set of criteria may include: General environmental management, power management, water management, wastewater management, solid waste management, air quality management and control noise pollution, support local communities, safety, support local economy, develop relationships with destinations, build and manage sustainable tourism products...

The Quang Nam green tourism criteria sets were developed with the support of the Swiss Sustainable Tourism Program (SSTP) on the basis of reference to 25 sets of sustainable tourism criteria applied internationally and adjusted to suit the conditions of small and medium tourism enterprises, as well as the actual conditions in Vietnam.

Tourism units self-assess the sustainability of their current tourism business and operations, based on green tourism indicators and criteria by accessing the self-assessment questionnaire provided by the evaluator, to answer questions according to the criteria and indicators for the Quang Nam green tourism criteria sets.

The assessment will be carried out by the Quang Nam Tourism Association in coordination with other departments, branches and localities.

Travel units that meet green tourism standards will be represented by a basil leaf icon with 3 levels. In which, the highest level will have 3 basil leaves when the unit meets 90% of the criteria or more.

After 3 years from the effective date of application, the sets of Quang Nam green tourism criteria will be amended and supplemented if necessary to suit the actual situation and regulations related to green tourism.

Previously, in August, the People's Committee of Quang Nam province also issued a plan to develop green tourism to 2025. Accordingly, Quang Nam set out orientations for the development of green tourism products and services to exploit. new, diversified and attractive tourist destinations suitable to the needs of the tourist market. Thereby, attracting a market of guests with high spending levels, long stays, conscious and civilized actions when participating in tourism.

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