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Should you choose a hotel in Da Nang near the SEA or in the CENTER?

Date Submitted: 28/09/2021 - 233 - View

In the series of articles sharing self-sufficient travel experiences in Da Nang.

I have been asked this question by many readers when asking about my experience of choosing and booking a hotel in Da Nang and of course my opinion is not to give any options but only analyze the pros and cons of each hotel. Hotel location should stay. Because each of us has different circumstances and desires. Specifically, below I will share each side for you: My Khe Beach Da Nang - Top 6 most beautiful beaches on the planet.

About the weather in Da Nang when choosing a Hotel:

Oh, of course, if you book the hotel near the sea, it will be much cooler than in the city center. Especially in the summer you will feel this difference clearly. But certainly the weather in the center of Da Nang city is much milder than in other provinces, including cities with beach tourism. Because with a distance of about 2km from the sea to the city center, along with very wide roads connecting the sea and the center, the weather in Da Nang will be milder. And most of all, Da Nang has the Han River flowing through, which makes the heat here not as hot as in Hanoi and Saigon.

Usually hotels near the Sea will be a little more expensive than hotels in the Center when in the peak season from April to August. At this time, entering the hot summer period, everyone wants to swim under the sea to cool down. go in the sweltering weather. In the summer, to book a hotel room, everyone should book 1 month in advance to be sure to keep the room. As for the hotel in the Center, the summer price will be lower than the Sea Hotel, but not much cheaper. And most of the sea hotels will be more and more diverse than the center.

In terms of preferences when choosing Da Nang Hotel:

I am a person who loves the sea very much, so no matter what season I go, I still prioritize the area of Danang hotel near the sea more than when I go to any other province. My friend likes to stay in a peaceful place, a village, so he often chooses to stay in Hoi An ancient town instead of Da Nang. Some people like the convenience and bustle in the city, they will give preference to the hotel in the center… In general, I LIKE, I CHOOSE.
NOTE: But to share the same opinion, almost to Da Nang tourism, up to 90% of people choose a hotel near the sea. If you choose a BEAUTIFUL - CHEAP - LUXURY - LOCATION NEAR THE SEA, please refer to it!

To make a reservation, you should contact the hotel directly to receive the promotion at a really good price via 0962 88 7676 (

About The Convenience Of Booking A Hotel Near The Sea / Center

If it was a few years ago, this would be difficult to compare, because we have a lot of needs, so there is no better than the other. Specifically, if you are a foodie, you should stay in the center because most of the restaurants, delicacies and specialties are here. Con market, Han market… are also located here. You will not have to travel far, even stepping down to the hotel to have something to eat.

But now it's different because the demand for guests booking outside the Sea has increased by a lot of tourists in the Center, so the specialty and entertainment shops have gradually turned to the business of the Sea area quite a lot to serve tourists. Then in the Sea, it is also very easy to walk to enjoy the food and cuisine of Da Nang.

What would be better if you just need to take a few steps to reach the sea, then the feeling of looking at the sea from the hotel is also a great experience… Wow, if it's in the center, you have to It's very difficult to drive a motorbike out here, taking a shower and worrying about losing the car is very difficult. That's if you like to go early, but if you go later than 6am-7am, you don't have to worry, then the parking lot is active.

About “Feeling” When Choose A Hotel Da Nang You Want To Go To Da Nang Because What Is Here?

Definitely because this is the Sea City. I don't know what to call it, so I use the word "feeling". If you want to have a trip to relieve all the stress and stuffiness of life, but in the city center, it will be difficult to complete. For me, living in Hanoi city for many days, stuffy, crowded, I don't like to "enjoy" that in my travel anymore. In Da Nang, the most famous tourist areas such as: Ba Na Hill Tourism - Cham Island Tourism - Than Tai Mountain Tourism - Hoi An Tourism - Hue Tourism ... Really these are very worthy places to visit. 1 time in life. Please choose the location near the sea is the BEST to move.

I still remember the first time when I came to Saigon, I had a culture shock, because it was too crowded, too stuffy (that's what I lived in Hanoi for 7 years already), that made me not happy. where do you want to go, discover anything else.hic. Of course, Da Nang city is not crowded like Hanoi, Saigon but it must also be in the top in Vietnam. But, that's just my feeling, there are many people who like the crowded and bustling, so you should choose a hotel in the center.

Above are some analysis I would like to share with you about whether to choose a hotel near the beach or the center in Da Nang. Hope they are useful to you!

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