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The beauty of Nam Cuong sand dunes near Phan Rang city

Date Submitted: 27/08/2021 - 65,454 - View

Nam Cuong Sand Dunes is a place chosen by many tourists when traveling to Ninh Thuan.

Vietnam is a fascinating country, full of surprises and one of the most attractive destinations in Asia. Plan your trip with the list of all best places in Vietnam with InboundVietnam.

Location of Nam Cuong sand dunes

Nam Cuong sand dune is about 700 hectares wide, located in the south of Phan Rang city, about 8 km from the city center. Sand dunes in Tuan Tu village, An Hai commune, Ninh Phuoc district, Ninh Thuan province. Not as prominent as Mui Ne Sand Dunes, Nam Cuong hides behind the zigzag roads up and down the village. Although the path is complicated, visitors will admire the many colors of yellow, red ... of the sand and wild cacti growing along the entrance in the arid land.


One of the interesting things about Nam Cuong sand dunes is the "changing flesh" every hour, every day. The footsteps of the Cham girls who left deep footprints in the sand were also erased overnight. Just a strong sea breeze blowing on the golden sand, then the curves of the hillside move to create a flexible and charming beauty different from what it was just a few minutes ago, seen from afar like undulating waves. on the ocean.

The most beautiful time for admiring the sand dunes is the dawn, the first blue sunlight  spread over yellow sand make appearing classes which are “color resolution” of the light and darkness, and gradually flushed into pale orange color. Some dunes are straight forward, some dunes are straight up overwhelmed, others are undulated curve lines as wave. If more imagination, you can envision many special shapes of sand dunes – “specialty” of the sun and the wind in Nam Cuong.

Lizards catching

Coming to Nam Cuong sand dunes, visitors will also be surprised by the extremely attractive pleasure of hunting lizards in the sand. This animal is shaped like a chameleon, but the skin is not lumpy but smooth green with yellow spots. They run very fast and always live in sandpits, easily hiding from the sun and people.

To hunt lizards, locals have to use a hoe to dig holes in the lizards, then tie them up with a rope. Lizard in Ninh Thuan is considered a specialty and a tonic, which can be processed into many dishes such as: mixed salad, grilled, roasted with lemongrass and chili, steamed, cooked in soup... Lizard meat is white, firm and sweet. . And lizard eggs are classified as a luxury product that is always sought after by gourmets because of the greasy taste that makes people want to eat.


Another feature of Nam Cuong sand dunes is spectacle of Cham girls walking and silhouetted on the soft sand. They have brown skin, charming in traditional dress: long skirt dot heels,wear hijab but not use veil, carry water jar on their head , soft footsteps,add more colors for the large yellow sand dunes.

Some nice places around the sand dunes

Besides, when standing on the highest sand hill here, visitors can also admire the beauty of Cha Bang - the legendary mountain of the Cham people, majestic, seen from a distance like a giant ax. If you visit in April or June, you will be lucky to attend the Po Nai festival in this mountainous region with folk music and unique dance shows of the Cham people, expressing the wish of favorable rain and wind of the people. farmers here.

Moreover, if you come to Nam Cuong sand dunes in Ninh Thuan, do not forget to visit the nomadic and peaceful Nhi Ha village. Here, people raise a lot of sheep, the number from hundreds to thousands of sheep. In the faint sunlight of the sunset, the shepherds in the green fields are very beautiful, peaceful and simple. Many young couples come here to do pre-wedding photo shoots among the white sheep.

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