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Top 3 spiritual tourist destinations in Tay Ninh must definitely go to

Date Submitted: 24/08/2021 - 684 - View

Spiritual tourism is one of the popular types in Vietnam and in the world. If you have a trip in this form, please count visiting Tay Ninh!

Tay Ninh is known as an ideal destination for excursions between nature and Buddhist worship in the South. Here are some interesting suggestions for traveling souls.

With a distance of 100km from Ho Chi Minh City to Tay Ninh, you can choose motorbikes, coaches, buses or "genuine" rather than cars to move. The motorbike option is the most suitable for young people because it is quite convenient for traveling, exploring destinations and the most economical.

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Nui Ba Den National Tourist Area - "Miniature Da Lat" in Tay Ninh

Ba Den Mountain is located 11km from the city center. This is the destination that owns Ba Den Station that has won a Guinness World Record and two stations to Van Son and Hang Pagoda with beautiful architecture, where you can freely compose hundreds of "fine" virtual live pictures. make your friends roll their eyes. Especially, if you are a "people" of architecture and art, you will surely be fascinated by the harmony and cohesion between architecture, indigenous culture and nature of the works here.

Ba Den Mountain is also the highest mountain in the South, known as the "roof of the South". There are many options for you to conquer this mountain depending on the time you have. Trekking along Ma Thien Lanh road is a suggestion. But if the time is not much and for safety and convenience, you should choose the cable car.

This way saves a lot of time because it only takes about 10 minutes for us to reach the top of the mountain. The Sun World BaDen Mountain cable car has two routes to the top and to the Ba Temple. From the cabin gliding in the air, you are free to take photos of Tay Ninh or take a selfie with the beautiful scenery from every angle. You will see that heaven, earth, clouds and mountains in Tay Ninh really know how to please the souls who love beauty.

The stairs to the upper floor, or the cloud yard at Van Son station on the top of the mountain, is the ideal suggestion if you want to take pictures of floating with clouds. In the past, if you wanted to hunt for clouds, certain young people from Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh had to go to Da Lat or to the Northwest in the North, but now, just reaching the top of Ba Den is full of clouds, as dreamy as anyone.

The mountain top area has been decorated and redecorated by Sun World BaDen Mountain resort with colorful flower springs, beautiful miniatures like the European sky and an overhead cafe and Van Son restaurant. You should take a sightseeing tour, take pictures, conquer the 986m tower before enjoying a delicious lunch in the middle of a sea of ​​white clouds.

Ba Den Mountain is also famous as a sacred spiritual destination with mysterious legends and stories. Standing in the middle of the vast space of flowers, at the foot of the towering Buddha, who is directing her compassionate eyes to the world, in the midst of mist and clouds, the soul will become strangely quiet and peaceful. This is also the first work of Buddha statue in Tay Ninh to reach an Asian record.

Switching to the Chua Hang cable car, you will reach the Chua Ba system with only about 10 minutes of travel. Associated with the legend of the Linh Son Thanh Mau about 300 years ago, this is a spiritual destination that is "spoiled" as very sacred to pray for love and luck. Along with the statue of Ba Tay Bo Da Son on the top of the mountain, Ba Pagoda and the system of caves, pagodas and Buddha statues here will bring you a meaningful spiritual journey not to be missed.

Ma Thien Lanh Valley

This is an unspoiled valley, a peaceful setting contiguous between three mountains: Ba Den mountain, Phung mountain and Heo mountain. Surrounding the valley is a beautiful primeval forest, small streams creeping through the cliffs. Do not miss the hottest check-in points are the romantic golden stream, Ong Ho cave and Ma Thien Lanh rock in the blue. The atmosphere and natural scenery here will make you extremely refreshing. Ma Thien Lanh grilled chicken and Ma Thien Lanh mango are also specialties that you must try!

Tay Ninh Holy See

After enjoying all the "genuine" European-style check-in points of Ba Den Mountain, do not forget to visit Tay Ninh Holy See, a typical religious building of Cao Dai religion. This is a unique cultural destination of Tay Ninh, started in 1931 and completed in 1947. The largest sanctuary of Cao Dai religion is located in the campus of "inner city of Tay Ninh Holy See" in Tay Ninh province. Long Hoa ward, Hoa Thanh town, Tay Ninh province. The space and special rituals at this place will bring you an interesting experience and different sacred feeling.

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