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Travelling to Moc Chau in the summer - Escape from the heat and escape from the epidemic

Date Submitted: 24/08/2021 - 54,354 - View

Moc Chau's climate is not without love, while in Hanoi and many places, the temperature is up to 40 degrees Celsius, it's hot like fire, sweaty clothes, hot,..

1. Cool climate - Fresh air

Moc Chau's climate is not without love, while in Hanoi and many places, the temperature is up to 40 degrees Celsius, it's hot like fire, sweaty clothes, hot, stuffy until 7-8 pm, Moc Chau National Tourist Area at an average altitude of 1050m above sea level has cool winds blowing from forests, grasslands, and tea hills to regulate temperature, so sunny days During this time, the temperature in Moc Chau is often at the threshold of 25 degrees Celsius, in the morning and afternoon, the temperature is only about 20 degrees Celsius.

Moc Chau weather is always preferred by 100% of tourists in the delta, because it is pleasant from the coolness, from the freshness of nature with very little dust and noise. Even at hotels or motels along Highway 6, visitors also feel quite calm because the traffic is not too much, and there are no noisy factories, engines, and no high-rise buildings. and too much concrete causes the greenhouse effect.

Up to now, many provinces have Covid patients but, in Moc Chau it is still safe, there are no cases of Covid, this place deserves to be chosen for the whole family or family group to travel to escape the epidemic and hide. hot. If in the resorts in Moc Chau, the space is even more peaceful and deserted, surrounded by birdsong, cicadas and wind.

2. Nature favors many beautiful scenes, many experiences

Moc Chau Plateau is over 80km2 wide, with tea hills stretching endlessly on very low hills, less interrupted by high mountains, blocking the view, thus creating a vast space. vastly eye-catching. Standing at some peak places such as peak 64 (Van Ho commune), or the top of some tea hills, grasslands or plum hills below, you can see the green color of rich, lush fields and valleys below. Meadow.

It doesn't take too long to climb to the top to see the romantic and poetic beauty of Moc Chau steppe, there are even places and cars that can come to the place.

Those are the spots to watch the clouds fly in the area of ​​Xuan Nha commune, or the area adjacent to Hang Kia, Pa Co, or the spots to see the Moc Chau steppe at the top of the Chieng Di slope, or the Arena Village Moc Chau resort, or the wings. grasslands in sub-zones 68, July 26, tea fields in Moc Chau tea village or Moc Chau heartland tea hills, Moc Suong tea hills... Those are the places where visitors can admire the luscious green of the grass, flowers and leaves with peaceful, calm, cool, fresh emotions.

Those are the valleys of plums, peaches, and avocados in the ripe fruit season. Not too far from town to Na Ka plum valley (Moc Chau Farm Town), Van Ho plum valley (Thung Cuong village, Van Ho commune), visitors can bring their family, especially children to come here. See the plum farms in the harvest season, feel the cool space under the trees, on the grass, run freely with the experience of picking fruit at the garden, camping, having lunch on the spot...

In addition, waterfalls such as Dai Yem waterfall, Ta Nang waterfall, Chieng Khoa waterfall, Nang Tien waterfall and many streams around Moc Chau National Tourist Area also provide more interesting experiences for families to take. children escape the heat. The whole family will be together bathing in streams, waterfalls, wading in cool, fresh water full of relaxation.

Particularly, Phu Mau village, Chieng Yen commune also has a natural hot water stream flowing from the rocky mountain to serve families who have a lot of time to visit and travel and like to explore the rustic and simple nature. If visiting Ang village of Thai people, children and their families will be able to wade streams to pick medicinal plants, eat a meal full of Thai dishes with cool vegetable soup. You can take part in the experience of finding a few yards of fabric dyed with natural leaves for sewing clothes, summer dresses or watching high cooking and washing hair according to the traditional remedy of the Lu family of Thai Ban Ang...

3. Many resorts and delicious food

Before 2015, in Moc Chau National Tourist Area, there were almost no natural resorts associated with open spaces, lots of trees and places to run and play for children, mainly motels or motels. The hotel is built in the shape of a box, sealed with lots of concrete.

However, up to now, eco-resorts in Moc Chau and Van Ho are appearing more and more. It can be a high-class resort like Thao Nguyen Resort, with an indoor swimming pool, massage, sauna in a large green space, or resorts with waterfalls, streams, and forests. Phoenix Pine Forest, Van Ho Ecologde, Moc Chau Retreat, Stream House, Stella Moc Chau, Achu Homestay, Mountain of Love Homestay, Moc Suong Eco-tourism Area… These resorts all have independent, separate rooms, Open space for guests to open the door to catch the wind, enjoy the beautiful scenery, from the balcony, from the window. Many resorts have started organizing tourism activities for guests to participate in outdoor activities such as trekking to watch the clouds, picnicking through the forest, bathing in streams, and cooking outdoors. These programs are all extremely high quality and are loved by all visitors from elsewhere.

April is also the time when it rains a lot in Moc Chau Plateau, the land is lush, the climate is cool and the cultural capital of the Northwest is rich, helping Moc Chau National Tourist Area to have a variety of foods and dishes. delicious and attractive to tourists.

- This season, rock snails, stream fish, Da river fish (candle fish, carp...) are cool choices to help dispel the summer heat, specialty forest vegetables of Moc Chau such as cassava vegetables, beef carp, etc. bon soup cooked with oxtail... are all cool and easy to use in the hot summer sun. (Some famous restaurants in Moc Chau serving delicious ethnic dishes are: Dong Hai Moc Chau restaurant, stilt houses in Ang Village Tourism Cooperative, Son La restaurant...).

- Milk veal, goat meat, salmon are also interesting choices to experience Northwest cuisine. The famous goat shop in Moc Chau is Mr De Manh Mai, De Tran The, De Nhat De; Good salmon restaurants are Salmon Xuan Bac 181, Chieng Di Salmon, Salmon 64, Salmon Garden Peach…

- Moc Chau specialties and summer fruits in Moc Chau National Tourist Area are also quite rich: sticky rice yogurt, Moc Chau aloe vera yogurt, Moc Chau drinking yogurt contributing to summer cooling, mango Moc Chau, Moc Chau plums are choices not to be missed if you want to buy them as gifts for relatives and friends. Dong Hai Moc Chau restaurant has a very strange and attractive mango sticky rice dish, made from Moc Chau rice and mango, fragrant, sweet and cool.

- Regarding drinks, when coming to Moc Chau, don't drink orange juice, tamarind juice, bottled squash juice, because that would be a waste of effort when skipping delicious fruits as a drink. You should ask restaurants and cafes to drink delicious, nutritious and extremely clean and safe dishes such as: Moc Chau peach plum juice, strawberry syrup, Moc Chau plum syrup, Moc Chau mango smoothie, Yen tamarind juice Chau…

These delicious dishes are not only eaten on the spot, but also can be bought as gifts for relatives, family and friends. Places to buy reputable Moc Chau specialties are: Moc Chau Food, Dairy Farm, Nong Trang Xanh, Suoi Tien Moc Chau Supermarket...

How to go to Moc Chau for convenience:

- If you go by private car, it only takes you 4 hours to travel from Hanoi to Moc Chau with 180km of beautiful roads like highways.

- If traveling by bus, should choose high-quality and airy, safe, green moving limousines. Some famous limousine companies in Moc Chau are: Gia Hung Limousine Moc Chau, Xuan Trang, Nhat An...

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