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Vaccine passport: A bright sign for the future of Vietnam's tourism post-Covid

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All information about vaccine passports - passports of countries and Vietnam will be updated in the article below.

The vaccine passport is one of the solutions to help open up international flights to revive the Vietnamese economy. From there, Vietnam can quickly open up and gradually restore the safe tourism industry.

The birth of the vaccine passport has opened the hope of bringing people's lives gradually back to normal, contributing to economic recovery - tourism. Vietnam is currently taking the first steps to safely enforce and pilot the vaccine passport deployment.

1. What is a vaccine passport?

1.1. Vaccine passport concept

What is the English vaccine passport? The English name of this phrase is passport vaccine. Conceptually, a vaccine passport (or vaccine passport) provides authentic information to prove that a person has received a sufficient number of doses of COVID-19 vaccine (2 doses as prescribed by the manufacturer) , state management agency). Vaccine passports can be in the form of certificates or cards, certificates in technology apps,...

1.2. Conditions for applying the vaccine passport

Holders of vaccine passports need to meet both of the following conditions at the same time:

Get a full dose of vaccine against COVID-19;

Negative for SARS-CoV-2 by RT-PCR/RT-LAMP test within 72 hours before departure, certified by the competent authority of the host country.

2. Benefits of applying the vaccine passport from an international perspective

2.1. Vaccine passport - Potential solution for world economy - tourism

In the context that the world is focusing all efforts to ensure that the COVID-19 epidemic does not continue to spread, combined with the goal of economic recovery and restoring international trade, the vaccine passport has brought many benefits. They are like:

Vaccine passports are the basis for countries to rebuild exchange and tourism activities, contributing to breaking the freeze of many economic sectors due to the impact of the pandemic;

Vaccine passports are the key to bringing society back to normal (because it is only issued to those who have been vaccinated), helping them feel secure to experience community activities;

Countries that have achieved herd immunity through vaccination can lift restrictions on mass gatherings, making public places or activities safer;

Vaccine passports save time, costs and manpower for the implementation of isolation procedures when entering many countries around the world.

2.2. In which countries are vaccine passports available?

There are already many countries that have adopted vaccine passports. Detail:

From the beginning of 2021, countries that have accepted vaccine passports include Georgia, Romania and Estonia. They accept international guests with a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 for at least 10 days without self-isolation. Those who have only received 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccine within 72 hours before entry will have to self-isolate for 14 days;

From the beginning of June 2021, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Czech, Croatia and Poland have deployed vaccine passports to "catch up" the summer tourist season. The remaining countries in the European Union (EU) will deploy from July 1. This passport can be used in EU countries, managed through a smartphone application to determine when people are vaccinated. In addition, it is also accepted in some countries outside the EU such as Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland;

From July 1, Thailand (specifically Phuket island) officially welcomed the first 25 international tourists with vaccine passports. Phuket is the first place in Southeast Asia to open its doors to foreign tourists with vaccine passports. The Thai government is also planning to gradually reopen the country.

3. Information about Vietnam vaccine passport

The Vietnam vaccine passport is the solution for country to live with the pandemic, reopen the frozen tourism industry soon, and contribute to economic development.

3.1. Quang Ninh welcomes the first flight of vaccine passport application

On September 4, Van Don International Airport (Quang Ninh) welcomed the first flight to pilot the application of the vaccine passport program in Vietnam. The flight is carried out according to safety procedures including:

All passengers must meet 2 conditions at the same time: Get a full dose of COVID-19 vaccine and be negative for SARS-CoV-2 by RT-PCR/RT-LAMP test within 72 hours before departure. scene, has been certified by the competent authority of the host country;

After entering the country, passengers will move to Novotel Ha Long hotel, perform a 7-day concentrated medical isolation (7-day quarantine vaccine passport) and then continue to isolate for 7 days at the place of residence.

The whole process is carried out in a orderly and professional manner, strictly following the direction of the Government and the guidance of the Ministry of Health to ensure absolute safety for passengers and service forces.

The pilot flight was successful. That has turned Quang Ninh tourism into one of the safe choices for tourists after the COVID-19 epidemic...

3.2 Phu Quoc - bright sign on piloting the vaccine passport

On June 27, the People's Committee of Kien Giang province proposed a model of "closed isolation tourism" - applying the vaccine passport program to welcome international tourists to Phu Quoc. Phu Quoc tourists can experience all services and facilities for accommodation, relaxation, entertainment, shopping, cuisine,...

The vaccine passport is considered a "travel pass" to help Vietnam and other countries around the world live with the pandemic, "breaking the ice" of the tourism industry to promote economic development. With this initiative, it is very important to implement the accompanying synchronous solutions to ensure maximum safety for all visitors.

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